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I find it hard to make decisions. It takes me forever. I think about all the what ifs I do and what ifs I don't. I vacillate, hum and haw, back and forth, and sometimes, quite often, actually, I miss out on good opportunities. Sometimes I'm impulsive and just jump in, but not often.

The last time I just jumped in was the TTL Mystery Shawl, which worked out in my favor, although past history had more to do with that decision--as did the gradient yarn. The last time I hummed and hawed was when my friends wanted to knit another shawl.  We were talking about Germinate, which I did last year and LOVE, but then, as I was spending time looking over possible color selections, Kym mentioned Cactus Flower. The debate I had with myself over which shawl to do went on all afternoon.

After I'd placed my order with Kim, I debated even more over whether I'd made the right choice...on yarn, on color, and shawl pattern. The discussion in my head went on until the yarn arrived (a couple of days later) and then the discussion went on even after I purchased the pattern. I hate to admit it, it might still be going on.

ALTHOUGH, look at this luscious yarn...

The colors are darker than they look in the photo...deeper, richer, warmer. I'm feeling sure about my choice of Cactus Flower, but I have to admit, I looked through Kim's colorways to see which color I'd add if I went with Germinate.  A girl has to keep her options open.

On another note, I've had my smart phone just over a week and I haven't spent much time exploring its possibilties. However, I have signed up for an on-line photography class, The Phone Photography Project 2, which was recommended by Mary. I thought about it for a couple of days, but finally, decided the class was the best way to explore and learn smart phone photography. I'll be snapping pictures right and left, learning as much as I can, over the next month.


Those colors are beautiful together and will make a fabulous Cactus Flower, or I'm sure Kim could fix you up with a third color for another fabulous Germinate. The bottom line: you can't go wrong with either choice. So become very quiet and then follow your gut instinct.

Those colors are going to make a beautiful Cactus Flower. When do we start??

Gorgeous colors - hard to imagine them being more rich!

I think that once you start really using the camera on your phone, you'll be amazed. :)

Did you see the project on Ravelry that uses similar colors (islandofness)? That might give you an idea of whether you'll be happy with it.

You might consider doing a swatch with a checkerboard of the two colors together and see how you like them.

The yarn is gorgeous (of course!), so no matter what you decide, I know it will end up as something wonderful.

It's gorgeous, whatever you make out of it. I'd just put it in a bowl on the coffee table and admire it ;-)

That class looks great, I wish it didn't start TODAY!

I totally do that, too, with the slow to make decisions thing. I'm trying to do better.

Hey, about the squash bugs -- don't you have some chickens? I've been tossing my chickens in the garden lately to eat my cucumber beetles. They do a little damage, but it's nothing compared to the insects, so I accept their services gratefully. They're only in there an hour or so at a time, preferably at a time of day when the bugs are kind of sluggish. And I'm usually in there weeding so I can monitor them a bit. I found my hens eat the plants more than my pullets.

Anyway, you could try that if it's feasible.

The photography class sounds like so much fun. And the yarn is indeed lucious!

I think the colors are gorgeous, no matter which shawl you decide to knit! I'm going to do some winding tonight. Perhaps I'll find time to begin my Cactus Flower this weekend!

The photography class will be great! Can't wait to see your "learnings!"

Beautiful colors. You overachiever, you. Classes for photography? Yay! Happy Friday!

lovely yarn adoptions and have fun in the class!!

Gorgeous colors! Kim's yarns are SO SO pretty!!

those colors are gorgeous! *off to see what Cactus Flower is all about*

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