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Today Carole's ToT has given me the opportunity to tell you about one of my favorite pieces of furniture. My first choice would have been the table my grandfather made and gave to me when we moved to a new house and I had my own bedroom (age 5). It's in high use today and could not be uncovered or moved for a show and tell.

I decided to tell you about my old rocking chair, a piece of furniture I've loved. 


1. I bought it some time in the 70s, maybe 1974 or 1975 and had to put it on layaway, as I didn't have $100 to spend at one time. I loved it the minute I saw it.

2. I don't know much about its provenance, and I was told it was about 100 years old.

3. The man who sold it to me was an old timer with a beat up old cowboy hat. He'd been in the antique business for years.

4. The chair is made from mahogany and the deep color of its finish is what first thing that caught my eye.


5. The decorative two color inlay on the back, is another element that attracted me.

6. The rocker has been in my living room ever since I bought it.

7.  A few years ago the top piece across the back snapped and cracked.

8. It broke my heart to think no one would sit in it again, at least not without extensive repair.


9. I don't know what to do about fixing the back, or if I even if I should.

10. I still love my rocker and it now sits in my junque/guest room to hold a basket of yarn. I don't think it could take any more weight. 

Do you have an old piece of furniture you love? 


Your rocker is wonderful! I also love the inlay on the back and the wear on the arms speaks volumes. Is there a furniture/antiques repair person that you could take it to? It's such a worthy chair it deserves to be restored if that's physically/financially possible.

It's a beautiful chair and I liked hearing the backstory. I would think there must be a furniture refinisher that could fix it for you.

It has so much history with you! I agree with Carole - I bet someone could fix it for you.

we are in agreement - I'm sure it could be repaired. but even holding a basket of yarn, it's a lovely piece and more beautiful for the time it's shared with you!

That chair has so much character. I'll be the dissenter here and say that its pretty just as it is. But my wish for you is to find the perfect, comfortable chair that doesn't hurt you before you fix up this decorative one.

What a beautiful piece of furniture. And some lovely history behind it.

I have a rocker almost identical to that one. Actually, my husband had it when we got married. It's amazingly comfortable. I would leave it as is unless I could find an antique restorer that knew what he was doing, but then again, I have watched too many episodes of Antique Roadshow! As long as you continue to enjoy it, that's what counts. Happy Tuesday!

You have a beautiful rocker and whether you continue to use it to hold your yarn or decide to get it repaired, it is a treasure.

It's stunning. And I nod in agreement with many above that there's a good chance it could be restored. :-) such a special piece.

It's beautiful! I'm going to send this link to my furniture manufacturer friend and see if she thinks it can be fixed!

You have several very interesting pieces of furniture you could have written about - one of my favorites is that wonderful little Japanese table. I, on the other hand, have a mishmash of junque, none of which matches anything else. Larry is the one who has the most interesting furniture, like his grandmother's antique table that folds out from a cabinet.

Gorgeous rocker!

Repairing is much different than refinishing when you're talking about antiques. A broken chair is a broken chair, though that one is more than "just" a chair, isn't it? If you can find someone you trust to do a good job, and it's important enough to you, then do it.

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