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Moxie was the sweetest dog we've ever known and he was loved by everyone who visited our home. Even Cheryl's hubby, who is not known as a dog lover, would crawl under the table to pet and talk to Moxie.

Friends rallied around after Moxie left us and Cheryl, my ever-caring friend, found a darling tote with the likeness of a schnauzer who looked very much like Moxie.

Moxie bag

I was surprised and delighted when she handed the bag to me. My Moxie on a tote! I am so please to have a way I can keep, and carry, his memory with me. Do you see the bright red hearts that hang from the handle? Cheryl crocheted and added them to show her love of Moxie (and mine). My heart was already filled with a mix of emotions when she said to look inside.

Cheryls gift

There was the shawl she'd just finished, French Cancan, in a beautiful Moxie gray. By this point I was in shock...surprised, pleased, with my heart ready to burst.

Cheryl's shawl
You may think I'm sappy, but so be it. Every time I wear the shawl, or carry the tote, I'll think of Moxie. I'll also think of the kindness of friends, the emails, the cards, and the FB posts that let me know friend cared. But, most of all, I'll think of my dear friend, Cheryl, who gave me this lovely gift of her time and creativity. I am so lucky to have had the sweetest little pal, my Moxie, in my life, and to have the best friends anyone could want.

Thank you, Cheryl.


You don't sound sappy, you sound grateful. You do have a good friend in Cheryl.

That is fantastic and just so like Cheryl to be thoughtful in that way. I loved Moxie, too, and it's hard for me to picture him not being right there with you and Smith, trotting to the door in that cute little way he had.

What a wonderful friend. We are lucky folk. Moxie is telling his dog friends in heaven - look at MY Mom!

No, not sappy at all, but surrounded by people who love and care about you and Smith. <3

I love you, my friend. XO

What an absolutely perfect remembrance!

What a wonderful, heartfelt gift to remember Moxie. Cheryl really did a special thing.

"Now that's what friend's are for". Not sappy at all. You're very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend-enjoy the gifts!

Such lovely remembrances and wonderful gifts of love and support. xoxo

Ohhhh, this made me teary. Cheryl is such a good friend! <3


Do you bounce* when you wear the shawl??? ;-) What a wonderful, thoughtful gesture! Cheryl is just awesome -- a great, supportive friend. (*I will always remember Moxie bouncing along with you and Smith. Such a sweet pup!)

Not sappy at all. You lost a dear friend. Thankfully you have other dear friends to help and comfort you. Having things that remind you of Moxie is wonderful.

You are blessed to have had Moxie, and to have friends like Cheryl in your life.

you have the bestest friend ever, I love the Moxie tote and the hearts are adorable. The shawl is his love for you wrapped around as a hug forever!!!

Cheryl is such a thoughtful friend. This post made up tear up.

Oh, wow. Just wow.

You are definitely not sappy. What a dear friend to comfort you in such a tangible and ongoing way.

Cheryl is so thoughtful. What a wonderful friend.
What a special way to remember Moxie.

I was already getting a little sniffly at the tote, but then the shawl(!!!)...what lovely ways to commemorate Moxie. :)

So sweet! And the shawl looks beautiful on you.

not sappy at all! blessed and grateful. and gorgeous in that shawl!

What lovely ways to remember your beloved Moxie and the blessings of friendship! I'm sure you will cherish both the tote and the shawl for the long haul. How loved you are to be surrounded by so many dear ones.

What a sweet, thoughtful idea! And so beautiful. A wonderful remembrance of Moxie.

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