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Happy Birthday to Someone

There are as many ways to celebrate a birthday as there are people in your life. I've had many wonderful celebrations over the years and here are 10 Things for ToT for you to try (as if you didn't already know how to celebrate).

Do you have a birthday to celebrate in your life soon? 


1. Send a birthday card through the US Mail and write a note to tell them how much they means to you. Mail is a rarity and a hand written note more so. It doesn't take long to buy a card (you can pick them up anywhere) and sign your name. You can even buy postage stamps on-line.

2. Give baloons and/or flowers.

3. Make a favorite dinner and bake a cake from scratch.

4. Wish Happy Birthday on Facebook or with a phone call. You could go so far as to send an e-card, but make sure you personalize it.

5. Wish Happy Birthday in person. A smile and a hug, or handshake, goes a long way.

6. Take them to a play or a movie with dinner either before or after.

7. Give a gift of your time, either by giving a handmade gift, or by giving time to help with a task.

8. Give something the person they have always wanted (if it's within your budgetary guidelines).

9. Entertain with stimulating conversation, singing a song and, you could even, throw in a dance just for the fun of it.

10. Throw a surprise party. Every 10 years Smith plans a surprise party for me. He's surprised me every time, but the biggest surprise was 2010. I truly had no idea he had something up his sleeve.

Post 2300! Not that that has anything to do with anything.


These are all great ideas. Surprise parties are tough, though. Good for Smith for pulling it off!

Great list, Margene! I love getting birthday cards in the mail! Such a rarity these days -- and completely delightful!

Terrific list! Smith may have to change the "every 10 years" time frame to really surprise you.

2300! That has alot to do with everything! Thanks for writing and sharing all those things.

Happy post 2300 to you! :)

Happy 2300! It's a "birthday" of sorts. I love that Smith surprises you! Balloons and flowers are one of my favorites too.

Great list!
Wow...2300 posts. Very nice!

Happy 2300! And I love your list - as you 've put here - the best gift is the gift of friends and time spent together.

I'm personally a big fan of balloons and/or flowers. :) Smith has a whole bunch of awesome ideas; I'm not surprised those include birthday-oriented ones!

Great list!

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