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Do not look at the picture in this post if you do not want to see Through The Loops Mystery Shawl

I have been knitting on the Mystery Shawl and haven't wanted to show pictures in case someone wanted it kept a secret, but I'm going to show it today because it's the only thing I've knit for the last 3 weeks. The Black Trillium Gradient has worked well until Clue #3 when the contrast in shades created strong striping. The stripes were knit in order to mitigate a solid line of a new color and, in the all of it, I truly think it will work out. The eye should pass right over the stripes when seeing the full effect of the color-shaded lace.


It looks pretty nice, don't you think? This is through clue #3, so I have two more clues to knit. I'm working on clue #4 now. The color in the photo is bluer than the actual yarn which is charcoal gray. I'm looking forward to a dramatic end to this shawl as the last shade is nearly black.

During my quiet time this weekend an unexpected thing happened. I started listening to William Faulker's "Light in August". I listened as a did a few chores and listened as I grocery shopped. I listened as I cooked and I listened as I knit. I became so rapt in the story I couldn't break free. It was like a python had wrapped around me and help me as tightly as it could. There were times I did not breath, as the descriptions of time, place, people, and emotion held me fast. Finally, after hours of listening (around chapter 10) I realized I had to break free. It took all I had to stop the book and come back into my own life. I'll have to wait for another day to resume the story, as it held too tight a grasp on my mind.

Have you read a book lately that held you in its pages?

Check out Ginny's blog. Knitting and reading posts were her idea. You can join along, too.


Your mystery shawl looks fantastic! I finished clue 4 last night and I can't wait for #5, I have really enjoyed knitting this. I've never been a fan of Faulkner and I honestly can't tell if it's good or bad that this story held you so tightly!

Your shawl is gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the gradient. I do love that "immersed in a book" feeling, but with Faulkner that feeling might be disturbing. My current read, Life Drawing by Robin Black, is almost that type of book, but it's a "real" paper book. It's much easier for me to get grabbed and pulled in by audiobooks.

love the mystery shawl immensely and I'm okay with the reveal since I shy away from mystery knitting.

It looks beautiful, and I don't think the striping will be a problem once it's done and blocked.

I LOVE how your shawl is looking! I'm pleased with how mine is coming out except for that one strip in the clue 1-2 transition. It's been fun knitting with friends!

I do know know thia book, but I will have to look it up now. :)

Oh, I love how the shawl is working out!!

I have a certain amount of noticeable striping too. But like you I think it will work out.

Very few books can hold me like that. The last one was Tell The Wolves I'm Home.

Oh I LOVE the way this knits up in the gradient. I'm all for spoilers since I'm still through only row 1 of clue 3. and re: the books - I haven't been that wrapped up in one in a long time (off the top of my head can't recall when) and it is kind of scary when it happens, in a good way, if that makes sense. I felt like that watching season 2 of Orange is the New Black (and I the book it was based on to listen to...wonder if the story will capture me like the TV show did?)

Meanie--I resolved not to do this-- too much stash and too many ufo's! It is truly beautiful. Funny, you mentioned Faulkner since I recently resolved to read more of his works--nice to know how compelling Light in August became for you.

Your shawl is looking beautiful. Mine has similar striping and I agree with you that it won't be a problem. I am really enjoying knitting this shawl!

So beautiful, and they way the color is going is gorgeous! I'm excited to see how it all plays out when it is finished.

I read those Game of Gnomes books while we were going through the moving stuff. They grabbed me and helped me escape at times that I really needed it. Also, those short, pov chapters really helped as they were the perfect length to grab when I only had a few minutes. xoxo

I love the Mystery Shawl (the pattern) and I love your shawl. I am still working my way through the second clue, so I enjoy seeing everyone's progress.

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