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Over the weekend the skies put on a great show. The weather was mostly great, with a little cool air and wind thrown in. Since then the air has cooled considerably, with gray clouds moving in, bringing with them a day of rain and cold!


Summer has been good to us and we can hardly complain, but a day of cold was a bit unexpected. Speaking of gray...the sweater I'm knitting is charcoal gray (as discussed earlier) and the Mystery Shawl (by TTL) is also gray, as is the other shawl on my needles. However, my one track mind may be in the process of change, as I just bought this gorgeously blue yarn from Anne of Wooly Wonka Fiber fame.

Anne's yarn is comprised of unique blend of 60% merino/20% silk/20% yak. Did you get that? It's part YAK! Yes, it feels just as soft and silky as you might imagine (if you can imagine what yak down feels like). To make this yarn even better, yak wool is naturally odor resistant. Are you thinking socks? This yarn would be perfect for socks, but I'm thinking (what else) a shawl!


YES! And I saw Cheryl's picture of SNOW. It will be 90 frackin' degrees here today. I want OUT.

All those blues are just beautiful!

Gorgeous blue skies and blue yarn. Happy Hump Day!!!

I just like saying, YAK!

That blue yarn is amazing! We've had more torrential rain lately than we really need...

We all want what we can't have, I suppose. It sometimes seems the guiding principle of human nature! It is so hot and humid here, a day of cold rain sounds delightful to me. Good knitting weather!

Blue is not really my color, but this yarn looks so amazing, it's tempting to buyna skein just to pet! Can't wait to see what shal pattrn youmchoos for this!

Your new yarn is spectacular, both in color and feel.

what a beautiful color...and I love the base. of course that needs to be a shawl - it will be lovely near your face!

So pretty! Can't wait to see what you do!

Yak? You lucky gal!! Blue skies are so lovely we have haze today.

I love your scenery pictures (& am a little jealous). I miss mountains so much! I used to live in SoCal, but now live in PA. The things that PA people call "mountains", I call "hills".

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