A Fair and Gentle Weekend
Let The Mystery Be(gin)

DOS Ate My ToT


Well, some of you may have noticed that this blog, and all other Typepad blogs, completely went off line yesterday. You wouldn't even know Typepad or Zeneedle existed, if you didn't already know. It was maddening and disconcerting, to say the least. This is the second DOS attack to take us off line in as many months. Who knows what will happen next.

I was unable to do anything blog related yesterday and decided not to try, as it was just an exercise is futility, so I walked away and didn't even look at the computer once I got home. I had a restful and relaxing evening with Smith, whom I hadn't seen much over weekend. I feel I have an excused absence for ToT, but this morning all seems well and I've got a few things "I Want To Try" that I can jot down. 

 1. I want to try…making this flourless chocolate cake. The only thing I need is 8oz of chocolate. I have everything else on hand.

2. I want to try…to go to Cannon Beach to visit a friend who has a house on the beach. She’s been inviting me to come for years and I must try to make it this year.

3. I want to try...and get Smith to take time off work and go on a vacation with him.

4. I want to try…to get to NYC! I’ve never been!

5. I want to try…painting watercolors again. I’ve tried in the past, but I really should try again.

6. I want to try…the anti-gravity class my gym offers. I’m afraid to hang upside down and, because I’m so ungraceful, I might need to wear a helmet.

7. I want to try...to grow healthier. Sometimes you have no control over what happens to your body. I want to control the things I can control and to become strong enough to overcome what I can't. If your body is healthy and strong, do all you can to keep it that way. 

Happy Tuesday! What's on your "to try" list?


You should definitely go visit your friend at the beach. And if you combine #s 3 & 4 you'll have a great vacation on your hands. And I will meet you there!

DDOS. But what a pain. :(

I've been to NYC. We stayed at the Y, which was... an experience.

Excellent wish list!

#2, 3, and 4 all seem like they could go hand-in-hand for a long vacation trip! Light a fire under Smith - you need a vacay. :)

I'm always up for a trip to NYC.

Even with an excused absence you've managed to make a great list! What are those gorgeous white flowers? The buds and flowers look poppy-like, but the foliage is different than my regular orange poppies. They are really lovely!

I enjoyed your list and hope you get to do them all! I hadn't thought of making my own flourless chocolate cake, so I really appreciate your linking to the recipe. A local, very small bakery makes it, and I tried it for the first time right before I left for England -- oh, my goodness, but it is wonderful!! Good luck :)

Yes, let's do NYC!

Picture of fire, Smith: priceless.

Yes to NYC!!!

Strong, in all its iterations, is a fabulous to-do.

Go for it, Grrlfriend!!!

Cannon Beach is beautiful and NYC is fun and lively - those are two great trips!

What a great list, Margene! YES to everything!

a great list! Sorry your blog was down but it was faster this time in getting back up!

Yep, I tried to visit you yesterday, and you were "offline". Smart of you to let those frustrations go. But this is a great list. Hope you get to try everything you like, and soon.

Great list! And I would meet you in NYC too!

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