There Was a Weekend
Moody Weekend


It was a hurried shoot, not well planned, perhaps, not well executed. In the few minutes I had before rushing out the door, I threw the Hayward on, while Smith followed me out to the patio with camera in hand. We did what we had to do to bring the finished Hayward to you.

I made a few modifications, such as, lengthening the body and adding short rows to the back. Also, I used the decreases Susan suggested, which you can see in this post. The sleeves were not lengthened, as I felt they would be a bother, pulling against the sweater every time I moved my long arms. I am not a fan of a tugging and pulling sweater, nor a fan of a sweater I have to tug and pull to keep in place. Hayward moves with my body beautifully.


The sweater is on the huge side, measuring 48" across the bust, but it works! The way the sleeves sits is why the body drapes with ease. I like it more than I thought I would and I find it very comfortable, like a big comfy sweat shirt, although not as bulky and, certainly, more elegant. 


The yarn is Sunday Knits Nirvana 3-ply, a merino/cashmere blend that feels more like cashmere than the content would lead you to believe. The whole garment weighs nothing and feel as soft as breath against my skin. I feel confident I'll be wearing this sweater throughout the year and I now know why Susan knit two of them. As Cheryl commented, it's nice to have a sweater success!!

Ravelry details here.


Absolutely stunning and I may need one myself. The color is just gorgeous and I love the hurried "photo shoot"

That looks great on you! I can see how it moves and I think that swing is fantastic. Wear it well!

That looks fabulous on you. I agree with you about that yarn - it's really nice to work with and wear.

I love the drape and the way it fits on you! I also love that you shortened the sleeves--the sweater is perfection!

It is beautiful! It looks effortless on you -- completely YOU.

It looks great on you! :)

You look beautiful. And the sweater is nice too.

It looks wonderful on you!

Well knit, well worn!

I like this very much! It looks like a good friend of a sweater. I may have to investigate this pattern. Looks like comforting knitting.

I adore this! It's got all the signs of a favorite sweater. Bookmarking this pattern now. You look beautiful!

You look gorgeous in this! Must queue this pattern now.

Hooray! It looks great on you, and the fabric is so soft and lovely. The fancy decreases were a fabulous idea (of course) - they make such a nice little contrast to the simple lines of the sweater.

Oh, lovely!! It looks fabulous on you. I love the "hurried" shoot. And you look fantastic.


You and the sweater both look lovely and elegantly casual. This one's a keeper!

GORGEOUS! All the way around! Congratulations!!

It looks fantastic on you! Love the last photo. :-)

It looks beautiful on you! A nice comfortable sweater. :)

Perfect simplicity!

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