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The minute I saw this plaque I thought of Kym's Words in the Wild series. She is carefully trying to stay inside the lines while coloring the tiny little flowers in her new coloring book. However, she can certainly make the flowers any color her heart desires. What about pink vines and green flowers! Who would know and who should care, except Kym, of course.

Too often I find I stay within the bounds and limits I set for myself. They can be confines too small to exercise my creativity, because I am unsure of myself or fearful of failure. I ask, by whose measure will I failure? Who will judge or punish me if I fail?  I am the only one who builds my walls and fences and I am the only one I can fail. I must be kind to myself, if failure happens, I must realize it is only a learning moment in disguise. 


What would you do if you were not afraid?

What a great post, honest and perceptive.

touche, i told a friend yesterday, who was questioning his qualifications for a new job he is interested in - "what is the worst that can happen" they don't give you the job?. if you don't go for it, you won't know …words i live by

You are so right. We all underestimate our ability. Love that sign!

Thank you for something to ponder on this day.

Your words are inspiring. Too often I get stymied by the critics and also by making too much of a less than ideal outcome. I fail to appreciate the learning in failure!

Wise words. Putting them into practice consistently is a challenge for me, but a worthy use of time. Thanks for the reminder!

And, sometimes, as we get older, we put more stipulations on ourselves. Why? We aren't getting out alive!!

It's the process... ;)

Oh, Margene! I love those words so much! Let's just keep coloring outside the lines . . . pushing boundaries. Or - better yet - let's draw NEW lines and set ever-expanding boundaries for ourselves! XOXO

yes to all of this...simply yes! (btw - all my journals are unlined...I think for very similar reasons)

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