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The Weekend Looked Something Like This


Because I had a free Saturday, Cheryl and I decided to go to a favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, Mazza Cafe, for lunch. Cheryl saw Turkish coffee on the menu and told me how it was made and how good it was, so we each ordered a cup, and it was as delicious as she'd predicted.


Finally, after weeks and weeks of gloom and gray, the inversion got busted! Everyone was delighted to see the weather patterns change and the skies clear. There could even be more snow coming through this week. We're rather envious of our friends to the north who have snow totals we'd love to have in the mountains. Keep your fingers crossed there will be more snow headed our way. 

How was your weekend? 


I have never had Turkish coffee either. That Cheryl is a world traveler.

We're getting 3 storms this week - it just started snowing in fact. I hope you get snow soon!

Love Turkish/Greek coffee. Grew up with it. Fingers crossed for snow for you. We're getting a 1-2-3 punch through the weekend.

Oh, that coffee sounds GREAT! What a nice way to spend the weekend. (So glad the inversion has cleared; now for SNOW!)

Skiing at Alta was wonderful!

Beautiful blue sky!! It's snowing here in pa :)

Hope you get the snow you want. :)

We're missing the current batch of storms -- there's no snow in our forecast for over a week!

Yay for no inversion! My weekend was very lowkey, which was just fine with me. :)

Hmmm. Seems that my weekend was much like yours. *L*

Looks like a great weekend to me. That sky, just gorgeous, and makes me want to take a deep breath. I will think snow thoughts for you all week, I promise!

sounds lovely. and if I had any snow worth sending, you know I would. (I'm guessing you don't care for ice, right?!)

Oh my beautiful sky, good friend and lunch! Perfect. I had the pleasure of weekending away with girlfriends and it was great!

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