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Half way through this shawl I became nervous about the outcome and dared not dream the shawl would look good in the end. Of course the promise of a pattern is if you follow directions you end up with a reasonable facsimile of the designers finished object. Even so, I often knit with trepidation.


While I did my best to keep the faith and to move forward with each stitch. I confess my head took over and I faltered from time to time knitting with my heart in my throat. As I bound off the last of the stitches I felt a little disappointed in myself and the misshaped mass of knitting. I certainly didn't think my shawl would be as wonderful as Joji's Imagine When. My confidence often wavers as I knit, and especially before blocking but, I should have known the shawl would be right. I did everything I could to insure it would be, so why not believe in myself?

The color is more true in the above photo. Click to embiggen any photo.
(How do you like Bray stuck into the pocket of my coat?)


The yarn is The Uncommon Thread's Merino Fingering, in the colorway Cobble. I used about a skein and a half. When changing from one skein to the other there was no noticable transition, no contrast in skeins. The yarn held up even when frogged, although if I'd had to rip out more than once (or twice) it may not have fared as well, as it is a single-ply yarn.


The finished shawl is soft, fine, and yet, sturdy enough to hold up well to constant wear. (Once something new is off my needles it is worn in abundance.)

Ravelry here.



LOVELY! Just everything about the shawl is wonderful -- the design, the shape, the drape, the color. It is just beautiful, Margene.

Another beautiful knit, Ma'Lady. Happy Hump Day!!!!!

I love the construction. I've had my eye on the pattern for a while but you're making me want to cast it on my needles :)

Well done! It's a great color, too!

Beautiful! Both you and the shawl.

lovely, in the photos and having seen the FO

Your feelings are shared by many knitters. The shawl is really lovely.

Very wonderful! It is the perfect winter accessory fir you. I like your longer hair too.

Lovely shawl!

Love that, Margene. Way to keep the faith and perservere!

Love this shawl--gracefull but not fussy!

I LOVE it, Margene! So gorgeous! And your pictures are beautiful.

I think most knitters feel trepidation when they knit, but you have very little reason to feel that way. You are experienced and accomplished, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, Margene! Your makes always seem to come out well done. I like this very much. Your photos are really bright and clear. You are obviously well above the inversion, so I hope you took a lot of deep breaths.

Oh! Pretty!

I had confidence that it would be just fine. And it was.

Oooooh! I have been coveting one since you started it, and I got what may be the perfect yarn for it, for Christmas! (or it may make it a hot mess.)


You and your shawl are beautiful!!

Love it. I'm glad you persevered through your doubts. It definitely looks like a keeper!

I'm glad you persevered, as it looks great!

Lovely contrast in texture with the jacket. Another WIN!

It's beautiful! you do have to have faith with lace projects. They never look like much til they're blocked and then...oh my! (love the Bray, too, btw - I've chosen that hat to knit for myself - you also have lots of mitten inspiration on your Ravelry pages!)

It's had no reason to worry! never trust yourself when you knit, but each beautiful knit comes out better than the one before. I LOVE this one!!

I think that worrying about the outcome of a project is one of the traits that most knitters share. That said, I've never seen anything come off your needles that I didn't admire and covet mightily.

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