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~Friday night Moxie had another bad night. The fear we felt between us was palpable
~Our old guy was disoriented and poorly on Saturday, but by Sunday he had once again bounced back.
~Saturday was our 34th anniversary and we celebrated with dinner out, which ended with the most excellent chocolate cake (GF of course) on the planet. 
~Sorry. We ate without thought for the picture of the glorious creation. I'll have it again on my birthday and will do my best not to suffer camnesia.
~Sunday the sun was shining (albeit through the haze) and the three of us went for a short walk. Moxie did well. The dreaded inversion is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups (which would be any living thing, imo). 
~As you can see, Smith is the more photogenic of our duo. I'm wearing the Turn A Square I knit him a 5 years ago and have a snag in my Striped Study.
~We decided to conintue celebrating our 34th year and Smith brasied short ribs for dinner. We, admittedly, had an overly indulgent weekend. 


Happy (belated) Anniversary! sounds like you enjoyed a delicious celebration! (best wishes that Moxie continues to do ok...so scary!)

Best wishes to dear Moxie. I hope that things get better. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration.

Oh, Sweetie, I'm sorry about the roller coaster of emotions with dear Moxie, but he is still engaged and wants to be with you both, so that is a good thing. I'm so glad you had a great anniversary weekend. And, how is it that Smith never changes? Amazing!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary!! And scritches for Moxie.

I'm glad you had a good anniversary celebration. You deserved an over-indulgent weekend. Oh, Moxie, you sweetie! He is determined little soul, is he not? I hope all three of you have a good week. Not long now until the inversion is blown away!

Sounds like a great weekend to me. Love Smith's hat.

What a perfect weekend! (Except for the scares with little Moxie. That part is not perfect.) I think every celebration should turn into an EXTRAVAGANZA! Happy Anniversary!

What a beautiful picture! You and Smith and Moxie look delighted to be together! As always, the knitted things are wonderful. And, Happy Anniversary! Our 34th was in September, and we ate at a lovely restaurant. I like your way of celebrating all weekend long!

glad you celebrated your anniversary and I'm still cheering for Moxie all the way over here. May he continue to rally and feel good.

Pets to Mox. Hugs to you other two!

You all look lovely!! Happy Anniversary. Hugs to Moxie.

I am so glad the three of us had a good weekend. And, you are definitely photogenic.

Congrats on the 34th!

Such a weekend of ups and downs! Glad Moxie is doing better.

Anniversaries are all about indulgences- culinary and otherwise!

We too are skirting and walking the tightrope with canine health issues here. Hugs.

Our dear little Liesl is up and down like Moxie--the fear is truly palpable. Doggie love to all of you.

Am pulling for the Mox over here. Maybe he knows we all want him to feel better.

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! And sending dog love and support from the East for Moxie.

Happy Anniversary! Hugs to Moxie.

Happy Anniversary!
Pulling for Moxie over hear....

So happy you had a lovely anniversary and that Moxie had a good day too!

Happy, happy aniversary!! I will keep sending Moxie healing vibes to keep him comfortable. Such a sweet dear little boy who is lucky to have his people love him so!

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