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The Knit Goes On

The weekend seems so long ago, but I spent it with friends either knitting or enjoying a meal. Sunday Cheryl's hubby helped Smith with some electrical work around the house and they were having so much fun, we decided to have dinner together after SnB. The serendipitous night out saved us from cooking dinner, which was an added bonus.


There are only a couple of evenings I have time to sit and knit, but I catch time when I can. SnB meetings, or other knitting gatherings, are my best chances to get a few stitches in, but I have the occasional evening in front of the TV to do a little more. I'm sticking to two projects. Even though, I thought I'd cast on one more project, I have not. The poor thing would not get any attention, so it may as well wait.

Above is the newest project on my needles and the easiest. It's Hayward from BT 12. I'm using Sunday Knits Nirvana3, which has been marinating in my stash for some time. The fabric is soft, elegant, and drapes beautifully. Everyone I know who has knit the pattern has raved about its wearability and casual style. I'm hopeful I'll like mine as well.

Hayward is the perfect pattern to knit as a foil for Acorn, with its soft yarn and easy knitting. I change when my hands get tired of the rustic and and move back when I feel a pang of guilt about Acorn taking so long. As soon as I finish knitting the front, and block it to check my gauge, I'll feel more comfortable about the fit. The back blocked out perfectly, so I'm fairly certain the front will, too. (There should be a picture of Acorn Trail in this post, but the day ran out too soon.)


Hayward looks like it will be *very* comfy!!

Those are both great sweaters. Once I finish my Monkey Socks (today or tomorrow, I hope) I will get back to working on Miss BB.

Sounds like a great Saturday, what with knitting, good friends, and good food. :)

Lovely winter weekend. I am finding moments only to knit right now, but hope to find more this coming weekend. Happy Thursday, Dear!!

The yarn will be awesome for that pattern. So soft and drapey!

It looks like you have two great projects on the needles; a pay attention knit, and a knit that doesn't require much thought. You have been a busy gurl lately, and it sounds as though you are enjoying it.

I can find a whole boatload of excuses to not cook (sadly, some of those mean we don't eat very well...) glad you're making excuses with your knitting! Acorn and Hayward are both such pretty projects - I'd have a hard time choosing which one to work.

I have long wanted to knit Hayward! I love the simple style and think it will be so wear-able. I can't wait to see how yours turns out! Maybe it will be my next project. . .

lovely slouchy comfy sweater on the needles! A perfect layering piece for the winter.

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