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Our Boy


After bad end to last week, and an up and down weekend, our Moxie has bounced back. We love our vet.  Moxie is very skinny, even though he eats plenty. He often walks too slowly and acts confused, but at other times I moves quickly and walks farther than we expect, his head and tail up. He's 6 weeks from 16 years and we feel lucky he's still with us.


Oh, sweet Moxie! He's a Comeback Kid! XO

Love that Moxie! Never has a dog been so well named.

Such a sweet face and aptly named! Glad he bounced back.

Go Moxie! We have a lab/shepherd who will be fourteen in three months who is having the same kind of up and down days. Today, she is better than she has been all week.

He knows he loves and depends on you. You can see it in his face. Give the dumplin' a hug for me. What a Sweetie and I am so grateful he's still lovin' life (although at a slower pace). Hugs!!

I saw the picture before I read the words and my heart was in my throat for a moment there. So glad he has bounced back once again. He's a super little guy!

Oh, I'm glad he's doing better! Whew.

Hang tough, Mr. Moxie!!!

Yay for Moxie!! It must be so hard for you on his bad days, but its so awesome that you are enjoying the time with him.

I am so glad Moxie has bounced back and is still able to enjoy his life with you. Every day is heaven for him because he is with you and Smith! He is such a blessing.

Atta boy!

So glad to hear. Hang in there Moxie.

Oh he is a cutie!! Frodo had a rough week with is health, I hope he lives as long as your pup!! Give moxie a scratch behind the ears hello from me :)

Go Moxie! Our little Liesl is up and down, but just as loveable as ever. She also gets confused at times and is almost blind. I cheered a couple of days ago when she ran full tilt to the gate and helped Ben scare off the neighbor's dog. Liesl and Ben send love to Moxie!

That sweet little guy! So glad he's feeling better.

What an old gentleman! Yes, he has made it to his golden years and I'm glad to hear it!

Holly is 4-1/2 - would it be too Gabriel Garcia Marquez for them to meet? ;-) glad he's feeling better!

Like all good companions in life, we have to enjoy our fur friends when we can. Hope he has more good days than hard.

Oh, Moxie is such a darling! I'm so glad he's feeling better, and you get some more time to treasure him.

Sweet, sweet little Moxie! I'm so happy he is feeling a bit better!

Oh what a cute boy! Glad he's feeling better.

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