I've Heard it Said...

Wild Words

This picture is in the restroom at StudioX.

The machines at the pilates studio were old, well used, and on the verge of falling apart. New reformers have been on order for a few months, as the whole studio was remodeled and revamped at the end of last year. (More choices to get you moving!) The shipment was stalled a couple of times, but the new reformers finally arrived last week. If only I'd had my camera with me Saturday morning when I arrived for class, as the new machines had been installed! They look something like this, but with more bells and whistles. The first workout was TOUGH!  I'm (somewhat) looking forward to upping my workout but, also, need to find balance. My "new" muscles keep me motivated. Feeling strong is awesome!


great words...especially for a pilates studio. I love the tower workout - amazing what those springs can do!

Awesome! I am SO trying this as soon as PT is done.

That looks like a torture device. ;-) I'm going to try a spinning class next week.

Oh, I am jealous! I didn't know you had machines! I thought you only did mat Pilates. This will challenge you in new ways, so be kind to yourself, but go for it! And let us know how it goes, please.

I'm so happy you have found something that is not only helping you get stronger, but you enjoy!

Amusing words for a bathroom! :D

Oh cool! I too thought Pilates was floor work mostly.

AWESOME! I call Pilates reformers "instruments of torture" ... but they are incredible machines, aren't they? (And I LOVE that sign!)

Ha. That's awesome!

That sign belongs next to my chair! And congrats on the getting stronger. I've finally started again and it hurts so good!

Love it and the irony of having that sign in a ladies room.

I'm so proud of you and happy for you!

Sounds like you are getting fitter :)

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