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One of the things I noticed during the New Years list making is that many a knitter stated they were going to knit what they wanted when they wanted. I heartily agree. (I believe I said it myself when I commenting on a blog or two.)

My usual MO is to keep the WIPs to a minimum, as I know I'm easily overwhelmed. However, lack diversity may be the reason for the recent bout of knitting ennui. I realized knitting only one project means I have nothing to bounce to if my hands become tired of Acorn's hard tweedy yarn. (I also have concerns about Acorn and the worry causes knitting paralysis. I am addressing the issue to see if it's real or imagined.) order to live by my non-resolution of 2014, I decided to let the startitis bug bite. I pulled an elegant cashmere yarn from the stash and knit it into a swatch. The gauge is right on the money for the sweater I've been dreaming of knitting, which means a cast on will be in my near future.


Since my arms are, for the most part, feeling better, I thought I'd return to the abandon sock and turn the heel. As of today, the heel has been turned and gusset stitches picked up. Progress will be slow, but there will be progress. I may even attempt a sock with sock yarn once this pair is finished. I put the TTL Mystery Sock button on my sidebar, but I don't think I'll cast on. One sock on the needles is my limit.

I had trouble deciding if I wanted to commit to a mystery shawl KAL, but once I saw the first clue (yesterday) I knew one of the yarns in my stash would work. This project is not pictured in the above picture, but another project will be cast on in the near future. (I will not try to keep up with the KAL.)

My happiness factor has improved, the ennui dissipated and I now have several lovely projects on my needles. I can knit what strikes my fancy at any given moment, as long as, my knitting bag isn't too heavy and everything stays inside.


ooohhh cashmere - lovely to knit (and to wear)! I'm participating in Ysolda's mystery, but my push right now is to finish Katie's Beaubourg for her birthday 12 days from now. I love the first clue!

Why not? I don't have knitting ennui. I am a big fan of several projects on the needles so that I am not bored and can do what I wanna. The only real issue with that approach, I have found, is that it takes simply forever to finish things!!!!

Glad the ennui has lifted. It's hard not to let the bug bite. I too am in the KAL, though haven't cast on yet. My Madtosh merino light is hiding somewhere. Looks like you are doing Clue 1A? After looking at some of the spoiler pics I decided to go with 1B.

ANd I always find that if it is too much, the frog pond works.

I had a similar realization over the weekend . . . when I cast on for a nice, cable-y hat to offset the never-ending stockinette rectangle I've grown tired of! (Even though I'll finish the rectangle. I just needed a change of scenery!)

They all look very promising. Having more than one thing on the needles isn't a bad thing - look at all the different types of fun you've got lined up! :)

Yay, that is a GOOD feeling. I have been trying to finish up projects so I can give myself permission to start a big new sweater. Too many unfinished items make me feel jittery, which is not what I turn to from my knitting.

I am very happy to hear that your ennui has gone! I have 2 pairs of socks going right now and I'm not happy about it. There's a reason for it (which I will most likely explain in my blog post tomorrow) but 1 pair of socks at a time is enough, I agree.

i so agree with the ennui..i have so many things i think i want to knit running rampant through my add laced brain, that i am having trouble focusing on the current projects - so i took a similar path, got out everything i was thinking of, which was a good reality check, and back to the projects at hand…

starting new projects is pure heaven! Who cares if projects linger :)

I am glad you have given yourself permission to be joyous in your knitting. Sometimes we can be too disciplined in our hobbies, and hobbies are not supposed to be work. Happy Knitting wherever it takes you.

Once again you remind me that it's all about balance!

I think that's a great idea. It keeps everything more fresh and exciting than having to keep plodding along on one thing that you might not be feeling great about for one reason or another.

I'm glad you found a way through the ennui. Your guidelines that it must not be too heavy or spill outside its zone are very good. xo

Bravo! Don't forget the changing between yarns and projects is good for your hands and arms as well as one's "head".

It's the process! ;)

A knitting big? Really? :D I have too much start-itis!

That's a lovely pile of knitting! I like to have more than one project going, and try to vary them in terms of difficulty and/or concentration required. You need the right project for any given situation! :)

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