For the Birds

Friday Firmament

Last Saturday the sky started to clear of the storm that brought several a few feet to the higher elevations but left the valleys without much of a showing.

Saturday Sky

Every day after that was warmer, sunnier and more springlike than the day before, a little disconcerting, but there you have it. Office entrance view

It didn't take long for the inversion to start building and now we're looking at the sun through haze. We're hoping for a storm, but there doesn't seem to be one on the horizon. Winter, winter! Where art thou?


It felt oddly spring-like here the other day but it was just an illusion. Winter still has us in it's grip.

Hoping for a storm for you to blow that inversion away! It's been a bit springlike off and on here, but that will come to an end this weekend with cold and snow in the forecast.

I so wish you would get at least some of the weather you need. It's been strange here, below freezing one day, in the 50's the next, all week. I wish we would have winter or spring - Mother Nature, pick one!

Are you doing Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow?? I just noticed the button on your sidebar... and recall that you mentioned a mystery but are not casting on just yet. Same here. Love the whole idea, though!

How about a nice rain in the valley, and lots of snow in the mountains?

We have had melt here. The ground is nekkid. :(

If I could send you some more winter, I would!!! We have PLENTY.

we have had cloudy for most of the week, yesterday was the only day of sun and it was fleeting! Right now we are awaiting a snow storm of sorts.

Tell me about it. The lack of rain and cold is starting to make me edgy. I really don't want another drought year.

ha! I think yours is the only blog where I've read about anyone missing winter! ...of course since I rely on you for snow-capped mountains highlighted against bright blue skies, I guess I'm missing winter too! enjoy the respite - I'm sure more snow is coming!

Even I feel weird with your winter or lack of one. Hoping for snow!

It be here! We have had more snow so far than we normally have and it's been really cold. I wish we could send some moisture your way. I'm sure you have more than enough cold of your own! Have a good, safe and relaxing weekend!!!

Oh, noes! I've been hoping the inversion would leave you alone. I hope the better weather conditions arrive soon! xo

Keeping my fingers crossed for snow. Deep snow!

We are getting some snow out here today - wish we could send it out west! Hope the skies clear soon for you.

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