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For the Birds

It wasn't a chance encounter, nor was it a serendipitous happening (other than the sudden realization that I could take pictures, which sent me running for the camera). I've been scattering peanuts to attract scrub jays for a couple of years, which seems to have brought a pair to the trees outside my office window (as well as another pair at home).


The jay's have me peg, or I have them trained (as I like to tell myself) and once I hear their squawking I run out with a handful of peanuts, then sit back to enjoy the show.


You'd think I'd have tried before now to capture one in a photo, but yesterday the sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the jays plumage shone in the light. I suddenly realized they'd allow me to stand nearby. 

Scrub Jay

Watching scrubs jays play, as they glide and sweep through the air, brings me particular pleasure. They're very good at hiding all the peanuts, chasing away the magpies, and keeping me entertained. Added to that, their plumage is made up of two of my favorite colors, blue and gray. We're a match made in heaven!


Great shots of your scrub jays! Of course they let you get close enough for pictures - you are the source of their food!

We haven't had a bird feeder out in a few years and I sometimes miss all the activity!

The colors are gorgeous! Birds are such a source of joy -- I love having feeders out, just to watch the fun.

I don't have scrub jays. Just blue jays. Now, I need to Google to see if they are similar in nature. Blue jays are very cranky, but fun, birds!

I do love the blue and gray, too... winter colors for sure!

We don't have scrub jays here either, just blue jays, and they are very aggressive and territorial. These birds are lovely.

i do the same with my guys that come and visit me at my office window - i just love to watch them - and they are bold, i swear they would take one from your hand -

We had a pair of scrub jays living in our yard that we fed peanuts. They got so that I could go out and hold a peanut in the palm of my hand. Seemingly out from nowhere, one would fly in, sit in my hand and eat his nut. They ended up having two babies in our tree. They have both since passed on, but I still see a bird or two digging up peanuts in the yard.

I'm so glad you have scrub jays! I've only seen one in the last 3 or 4 years.

I so love blue jays too...that is the variety we have here...the blue is beautiful. I have been trained by our blue jays too that when they squawk, it's time for the peanuts!
Great job with the pictures!

We also just have blue jays - I did't realize that there were jays without the tufted/crested heads!

One time when I was working in California (for a summer) a scrub jay (or kin) landed near me and intimidated me out of half of my donut (during a break I had taken outside). It landed on the bench I was on and walked towards me with intent and malice. The velociraptors live!

Love those Utah birds. They always are...assertive.

How neat that they let you get so close! They must know you are very trustworthy, and that you have more peanuts, too! xo

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