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The Knit Goes On


Instead of taking the MLK holiday off, my office volunteers their time and labor to a local non-profit. Every year we give a few hours to an organization and every year we are awed by all they do for our community. This year the choice for our day of giving back was The National Ability Center in Park City.They work with people of all walks of life and all abilities, including Paralympians.

They have 26 acres with nordic ski tracks, horse trails, walking and hiking trails, rope tracks, climbing walls, lodging, and so much more.

We went through an orientation and a tour of the grounds before dividing into groups and heading off to various tasks.

Some of the guys shoveled snow, while a few more of us cleaned the buses they use to transport people to other facilities in the area and to one of the nearby lakes. In the summer they have swimming, wake boarding, and other water activities available.

Other people changed the salt licks in the horse stalls and cleaned saddles and tackle. The horses enjoyed a snack while we enjoyed the sun on our faces. The valley is full of inversion and being in the clean air was a bonus of the day.

Just to be outdoors I volunteered to wash windows with a few of the others in our group. We must have washed 50 windows clean of winters grime, and while my hands started to freeze, it was wonderful to be outdoors in the fresh air.

The climbing wall with boss.

Our group did everything we could to help for the day, including folding of brochures and sweep floors. It was a very rewarding day!

The Center has year round programs for people of all abilities and needs to discover their possibilities. If you, or anyone you know need their services, or would like to volunteer, I encourage you to contact them. They're known internationally and nationally, but not as much in Utah.



what a wonderful way to celebrate the MLK legacy!

So awesome! What a great way to celebrate the day, honor Dr. King, and DO GOOD in the world.

(PS - Did you get to try the climbing wall???)

How nice to have the day off and to honor Dr. King at the same time. Good for you. And, happy hump day!!!!

I think it's fantastic that your office does that. What a great thing for all of you to do!

What a great thing to do on such a gorgeous sunny day! Kudos.

Such a lovely gesture to the community. I think it's a great way to celebrate MLK day.

What a fantastic way to help your community! Would you believe that our local paper, here in SW Pennsylvania, ran a story about Park City being a great place to visit, a couple days ago. What a beautiful part of the country you live in Margene!

It sounds like they do great things, but it is typical that locals often don't know about these places in their own community. I hope your good deeds were accompanied by an uplift of mood. That sky is beautiful! Makes me want to take a deep breath and smile.

That's fantastic, and what a gorgeous day!!

It's great that your office does things like this. And what a bonus to have the chance to get out of the inversion and into the sunshine!

Sounds like a cool nonprofit and a great day away from the office!

Such gorgeous sky! I drove from Utah County to Bountiful yesterday, and the inversion air was just GROSS. Boo!

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