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It's winter days like yesterday I am ever grateful for my 2 mile commute. Yesterday's storm was one for the record books. The snow levels weren't the problem, nor was the rate of snow fall, but the ice storm before the snow storm made the roads quite treacherous.

Shortly after lunchtime power at the office went off and after 2 hours it hadn't returned. We were freezing, could not get a single thing accomplished, and the "powers that be" finally decided to let us go. The roads had improved considerably over the morning commute and we left ahead of rush hour traffic, not something I need to worry about anyway. 


We can't do much at work without power, I imagine your situation is the same. I would have let you go after 30 minutes!

Your "powers that be" sound like mine. What a nice bit of serendipity, though. Getting home to your warm inviting home earlier than usual. Happy Friday!

I hope you enjoyed your afternoon off. It always feels like stolen time to me, but that's a good thing. That picture looks really cold, but lovely in a winter way. We are almost to the other side of the longest night!

Ice and snow are treacherous, but I'm glad you got the excitement of a partial snow day and that beautiful photo. Happy (upcoming) Winter Solstice; the light starts returning (gradually) in a few days!

Hey, that's what I dealt with this morning! The ice wasn't as bad as predicted, thankfully, and it all started a little later, too. It continues to snow and there's no chance I'll be going home early due to a power outage. Oh, I wish...

And, hey, it's FRIDAY. Happy Weekend!!

Happy Friday Margene. I hope you enjoyed the little extra time. ;-)

Hope you enjoyed your unexpectedly 'free' time.

Glad you got to go home early and relax!

I love it how the "powers that be" delay and delay hoping for a resolution until people are totally uncomfortable. In my last job (public works for a city in Oregon), we were all deemed "necessary" personnel, so even if everyone else got to go home we didn't. That's when I started carrying insulated overalls in my vehicles - so I could wear them in the office!!

Snowing here now, about an inch more than I had, and the temp is dropping (at 9 am it's going down!).

Stay safe and warm, and have a very Happy Holiday!

We had a power outage last week - we'd gotten word it would be more than an hour, so a coworker and I went shopping and came back just in time!

I often find that the more treacherous the winter storm . . . the more beautiful the scenery!

Wow, I hope you are warm and cozy now Margene! It is pretty but I can do without the icy roads! Happy Holidays to You Smith and the Pup!

Ooh, I'm glad you were able to get home safely during that storm! I was working and it was a mess...

Have a good holiday and enjoy the candlelight and "heatwave".

the photo is beautiful... too bad that snow (and ice) cause so much trouble and it's hard to enjoy the beauty! hope the weather calms down for you...just enough to keep the power on but not enough to melt the snow!

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