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It Was ALL About Food

Weekends are usually busy, but this past weekend was busy, relaxing, enjoyable, AND all about food. Yours was likely about the same way.

Smith kicked it all off with his delicious latkes made with our homegrown potatoes. We had neither sour cream nor apple sauce, and since we like both, this was a travesty. Thankfully the grocery stores are open Thanksgiving morning and I scored what we needed to make them a perfect T-day breakfast.

Monica and Steve invited us for Thanksgiving dinner and the food was fabulous. How she stayed cool and calm while cooking for 20 people I don't know. The following picture does not do her pie skills justice.

She made pecan and pumpkin for everyone else and an apple pie for ME! It was the first pie I've had in years and one of the best pies ever. I was a nice grrl and shared. It was a great day!

Friday a bunch of the grrlfriends went to lunch at Red Iguana, but I had camnesia. I only thought about taking a picture as everyone drove away, which I believe is a sure sign we were in the moment (and having a good time).

Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Well Cheryl, her Pontiff, Smith and I decided to give it a try. The cuisine was met with varying degrees of success. This plate of food is about 16" across (service for one!) and I ate almost all of it (the rice being the exception). Why eat rice when you can have so many other wonderful flavors? 

Smith and I finished the weekend with a quick trip up to Park City, as we knew a pending storm would take away the warm sunny days we've had of late. We shared a bowl of tomato soup and a burger (the restaurant kindly split them both in the kitchen). The soup was so rice and flavorful and the burger was the best I've had in a long time.

Bad photos, great food, fun people, and time to relax.  It's what I call a perfect weekend, although I won't be eating much until Christmas.


If you're like me, you won't need to eat much until after the first of January!!!

That sounds perfect! I will definitely make you a gluten free pie next time you come to visit!

Your photos are mouth-wateringly delicious!

Ha. Your photos are fine! It sounds like a wonderful weekend full of good food and great friends!

Well that does sound like a lot of fun! So, I assume you liked the Ethiopian food and someone else didn't? If you ever read Cutting for Stone, you will know what the flavors are in the book. I'm glad you were able to have a great weekend before the storm. It's headed our way as well. Have a great week!

Love your attitude. There are times when it's appropriate not to obsess about calories!

Glad you thought to take a photo of the Ethiopian food. It was so pretty on the plates! And tasty.

I wish I could've shared some of Sara's homemade is the perfect accompaniment to latkes (and turkey :-) Sounds like you had a wonderful fun-filled weekend and I hope you have a few more this holiday season. So good for the soul (and the blog!)

Busy and relaxing is rare combination indeed! Looks like it was a completely delicious weekend.

Oh, YUM! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. (And we can always work those calories off later!)

Did you go to Red Sea?

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