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Every year, since 2006, I have shared a year in review, but its only after reading Vicki's posts I'm reminded to do so. The tradition continued this year, although it took me a few days to pull together the pictures and posts. I give you 2013:

In words, the first sentence from the first post of each month, and pictures, a favorite blog photo from each month (not necessarily related to the other).

January- As per usual, I'm starting out 2013 a bit unorganized.


February -Why I Wake Early


March -Does it feel as if there will be a change?


April- tell you other than about my weekend.


May- Last Friday night a friend came to stay (hi Jo!) and we sat up knitting and talking into the night.


June-Today's ToT doesn't appeal to me as I only scream (in pain) if I eat ice cream.


July- I'm a firm believer in the saying "it's what's on the inside that counts" and when it comes to burgers, that's especially true.


August-I can't give you a good reason for my disappearance, nor can I truly explain why I felt compelled to walk away, but I can say, I'm enjoying my life on this side of the screen.


September-Autumn's cooling and colorful days are a welcome break from the white intense heat of summer.


Oct -So, ToT is all about chores we hate.


November-Along the way we saw many amazing sights of both the natural variety and the human made, but my favorite was the all encompassing blue of the sky.


December-Weekends are usually busy, but this past weekend was busy, relaxing, enjoyable, AND all about food.


May next year be as much fun and as full of sights as this year was and may YOUR next year be even better than mine!

Shades of White and Gray


It's winter days like yesterday I am ever grateful for my 2 mile commute. Yesterday's storm was one for the record books. The snow levels weren't the problem, nor was the rate of snow fall, but the ice storm before the snow storm made the roads quite treacherous.

Shortly after lunchtime power at the office went off and after 2 hours it hadn't returned. We were freezing, could not get a single thing accomplished, and the "powers that be" finally decided to let us go. The roads had improved considerably over the morning commute and we left ahead of rush hour traffic, not something I need to worry about anyway. 

Apples and Knitting

My new Mac Book Air is  just what I wanted. She's lightweight, easy to use, sleek, elegant, and fast. Going from the netbook to ANYthing new is like going for a horse and buggy to a Maserati.She will suffice as the gift for all the occasions of 2014 and I couldn't be happier! She's my dream come true. 


As you can see there has been knitting going on. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I told you about my knitting. I finished Imagine When by Joji Locatelli and promptly cast on Vestry Street by Kirsten Kapur. Pictures of Imagine When will, hopefully, happen this weekend. For now, suffice it to say, it was a very fun knit.

I enjoy knitting more than I have in the last 3 years and, as I said last week, it's due to pilates. Mary asked why pilates had made a difference in my knitting. I can sum up in one word. Strength. My shoulders and arms have been strengthened to the point they rarely ache. Before pilates they ached all the time and sometimes the hurt was too much.  If I had more time to knit there would be more accomplished on Acorn Trail. The great new is the back is now complete and I'm moving onto a front section. 

This past year I've only completed six projects, and only one of any size (Chicane). I hope to double that number in 2014 and to make (at least) 3 of them sweaters. This is not a resolution. Being strong is its own motivation, but being able to knit is pure icing on the cake.


Our House

There is no Bah in our Humbug, no Christmas in our Merry, we celebrate the season with joy and delight, no obligations, no family in sight. We are two together, we are one, we are happy with our lack of tradition. There are a few things we like to do each year at this time, but we keep it as relaxed and as simple as we can.


1. First on our "to do" list is to light the dark until the return of the sun. Every surface of the living room is covered with tiny white lights and the space is aglow. Faux candles, scattered throughout the room, offer a little more luminosity to the dark. This is my happy place until the light returns.


2. Some years the needlepoint Santas are brought out of hiding. Their happy faces peek from the shadows, where they twinkle and shine as light hits their lustrous threads. We're especially fond of the garden Santa.

3. Many years ago we spent Christmas Eve with very dear friends. While they are no longer with us, Smith and we have carried on the tradition by creating a special dinner for two, usually by candle light.

4. In recent years we've spent Christmas morning at the movies, usually with friends. We enjoy a less crowded theater, as the droves show up for later shows. This year there are many great choices and we're not sure which movie to see. Any suggestions?

5. We celebrate the day the light returns.This year it's December 21st. The darkest, longest night is worthy of celebration, as it is the day the sun stops retreating and starts its trek across the sky to bring more light to the day. The coldest days of winter are ahead, but the light will help to warm us as it returns and spring cannot be far behind. I will keep my eye out for the snowdrops.

There you have it, a house of not many traditions, but we have a wonderful and joyful day.  Do you have favorite tradition of the season? 

ToT day with Carole! Happiest of Holidays (ALL the Holidays)!

In the Market

There is a computer in the house. The big, the old, the computer in the dungeon (as I call it) is now the only computer in the house I can use. As it happens, I killed my trusty netbook. I take full responsibility, although it is believed it was on its last leg anyway. You'd think I'd be totally lost without it, and to some degree I am.

Blogging has stopped because I don't like spending time in the dungeon (Smith calls it a basement) and I have no way to deal with pictures. I am not on-line bereft. The Kindle HD helps me handle email, read a few blogs, and to do a little surfing the interwebs.  I have no smart phone, no iDevice (other than an iPod).  A new computer, a laptop larger than the netbook, is in my near future.

This is the midday sun, not the moon.

"Best" day of the dreaded inversion

The inversion (the most dreaded time of year) is here. The days have gone from filtered, yellow haziness, to cloudy and haziness, to blue and haziness, and back again. I'll keep hope in my heart for a storm to scour the valley, to bring in ton of snow, and leave behind blue skies. One can dream. 

It's My Turn

Hi there!

After seeing me chillaxin' yesterday I thought you'd like to see my face. I'm rather handsome,don't you think? You may be impressed to know I'm nearly 110 (in doggy years, of course). As with some doggies my age, I have days of confusion, days of unsteadiness, and days when I don't want to eat (I will always take a treat, however). I love to sleep, but I like an occasional walk, too. I look forward to treats. Mom and Dad want me to live forever, and maybe I will.

Chillin' Edition

I've confessed before, I am not a good list maker and I don't really like to admit (not even to myself) what, if anything, is on my to do list. However, there are a few things on my mind this week and I pulled together some "musts" just for Carole's ToT.

Moxie's chillin'

1. Get a haircut (the fringe is out of control!) I always put this task off for too long

2. Talk to SnB grrls tonight about the theme of our 10th anniversary party

3. Send needlepoint ornaments to various family members...I'm clearing out my collection and giving them to loved ones (a couple have already been dropped in the mail)

4. Look for a desk and comfy chair for my freshly painted knitting/reading/guest room

5. While I'm doing the above I will also look for comfy chairs for the living room and TV room (furniture shopping is not something I like to do) - this item has been put off for several months, but may (or may not) happen this week

6. Watch the (free) Craftsy class on short rows by Carol Feller (Thanks Vicki!)

7. Make slow cooker chili for the Knitting Guild Christmas party tomorrow night

8. Call the butcher to see if he can do a mix of ground turkey thigh and breast for said chili - no recipe, I'm winging (ha, ha) my way through the chili without one

9. Make it to pilates 3 times this week- thankfully, I bought the unlimited package (admittedly a Black Friday purchase) which turned out to be a good thing as class prices are going up

10. Finish the back of Acorn Trail (4" more inches) and block the newly finished Imagine When - I'm knitting more thanks to pilates!

Anything other than Christmas on your "to do" list?


There has been a certain amount of laziness when it comes to this blog, although I also want to hangout with my besties on the internets. There is action on this side of the screen and action on that side. The challenge is to find the balance and enjoy both.


The bitter cold has most of us in its grip, while the hardest part of this time of year is the dark. My nod to the season is to cover every surface surface of my living room with white lights. In the corner I gathered the red beauty of several poinsettias, as they lift the spirit when surrounded by light.

We do not worry about the obligation of the season and keep our lives simple during this hectic time of year. One party this week will be my only seasonal obligation, a fun one at that.  I am concentrating on finding joy, keeping warmth in my heart, and on breathing through the coldest, darkest days of winter.There is always beauty to behold.

Wednesdays are for Yarning Along

Eating wasn't the only thing I did over the weekend. There was a fair amount of knitting and reading, although not as much as I'd have like. While I met my goal of reading 80 books this year, I have made little progress on my current choice. It's not for lack of desire, it's lack of time to sit and hold the book in my hands.


The Luminaries is nearly 850 pages, which is going to take some time. I've become enrapt in the story and hope to be finished by months end. Many of the books I read I listening to, which I can do while accomplishing other tasks. Recently I listened to Chris Hadfield narrate his book, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth. If you've not heard of Chris Hadfield you really should watch the video of his performance of David Bowie's Space Oddity. It's worth your time.

I'm making good progress on Acorn Trail and have just decreased for the armscye. The back will soon be completed and blocked. It's best to check and make sure I'm on the right track. Hopefully, I'll be able to put in more time and complete this sweater before winter is gone. The discontinued Rowan yarn is a deep tweedy red. I find red the hardest of all colors to photograph well and the dark and stormy night did not help matters. So, what are you knitting and reading?

Yarn Along with Ginny

It Was ALL About Food

Weekends are usually busy, but this past weekend was busy, relaxing, enjoyable, AND all about food. Yours was likely about the same way.

Smith kicked it all off with his delicious latkes made with our homegrown potatoes. We had neither sour cream nor apple sauce, and since we like both, this was a travesty. Thankfully the grocery stores are open Thanksgiving morning and I scored what we needed to make them a perfect T-day breakfast.

Monica and Steve invited us for Thanksgiving dinner and the food was fabulous. How she stayed cool and calm while cooking for 20 people I don't know. The following picture does not do her pie skills justice.

She made pecan and pumpkin for everyone else and an apple pie for ME! It was the first pie I've had in years and one of the best pies ever. I was a nice grrl and shared. It was a great day!

Friday a bunch of the grrlfriends went to lunch at Red Iguana, but I had camnesia. I only thought about taking a picture as everyone drove away, which I believe is a sure sign we were in the moment (and having a good time).

Have you ever had Ethiopian food? Well Cheryl, her Pontiff, Smith and I decided to give it a try. The cuisine was met with varying degrees of success. This plate of food is about 16" across (service for one!) and I ate almost all of it (the rice being the exception). Why eat rice when you can have so many other wonderful flavors? 

Smith and I finished the weekend with a quick trip up to Park City, as we knew a pending storm would take away the warm sunny days we've had of late. We shared a bowl of tomato soup and a burger (the restaurant kindly split them both in the kitchen). The soup was so rice and flavorful and the burger was the best I've had in a long time.

Bad photos, great food, fun people, and time to relax.  It's what I call a perfect weekend, although I won't be eating much until Christmas.