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I'm going to celebrate (for the first time in many years) with neighbors. Hoping to find a costume for Holly...wish me luck! Happy Halloween!!

I love this picture of you! We'll have the lights on and candy ready at the door but we don't get many trick or treaters here.

I love any and all holidays. Any reason to change the order of things and celebrate. Love the hat!

Seconding Carole. We're supposed to have some rain tonight so I doubt we'll get any of the few trick or treaters that do come. Pumpkin carving will happen today.

Great picture!! :)

I hide away, although I might watch trick or treaters out the window.


We get a boatload of trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood (we're a "drop off" neighborhood), so we stock up on candy and deal with the flow. Other than that . . . just another night, now that the kids are settled elsewhere. (Big storms predicted tonight; maybe I'll have leftover candy this year?)

Already storming here, so I am positive the nonexistent T&T's will not be here tonight. No one does that here anymore; everyone has parties for the kids. I can't decide if they are missing out or if they just work less for their treats. The world has changed, or at least our perception of the world has changed. Happy Halloween!

Celebrate - but our little trick or treaters are dwindling. We'll have the lights on and be waiting. I just hope the storm holds off until after everyone's back safely in their homes. Happy Halloween!

Since we don't really get any trick or treaters any longer we're going out to eat! And from what I hear that storm will be in MA tomorrow a.m.! Happy Halloween!

That's a lovely Holden that your shoulders are a'holding.
Celebrate? Yeah I like Snickers.........


I hide, happy Halloween, it was a treat to see you :)

I was hoping to walk with a niece while she trick-or-treated, but we had uncooperative weather instead. So, I sat at home and tried to photograph small knits. xo

So busy yesterday/last night, but did manage to hand out some candy... the kids were cute!

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