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Inspired by Kym's and Vicki's "Now" posts I decided to give it a try. I love reading their memes about what's happening at this moment in their lives. Let's see how I do with it.

Watching...fall make its way into the leaves of the valley and the mountains. Even though the mountains had snow, the aspens have not fully turned to their golden glory. More snow is expected over the next couple of days...autumn has no chance.

Reading . . .The shortest book in my stack of many, Man Walks Into a Room, as it's the book group choice this month. 


Knitting . . .nothing. Sadly I burned the fingertips of three fingers of my left hand. No knitting will happen until healing has happened. I'd be super bummed, except for the chance to catch up on some reading.

Listening to . . .KRCL. Even tho' they are in the throws of fund raising, it is still better radio than anywhere else. During the dinner hour I'll put my iPod on shuffle and listen to everything from Billie Holiday to The Civil Wars. 

Dreading . . .what will happen when the blisters on my fingers break. 

Humming. . .Girl With Far Away Eyes (played on KRCL this morning).

Planning. . .my upcoming trip to Flagstaff to see my Dad. I'll be traveling with my sister who is cooking and planning all our meals! Lucky me!

Drinking . . . La Croix Coconut (and the occasional Bulleit Rye).

Itching to . . .knit. The joke's on me.

Needing to. . .clean out the pantry (I'm fairly sure this was on my last list). Soon.

Organizing. . .my closet. I've pared down much of my wardrobe and, while I'm not quite as organized as Beverly, I'm of the same mind. It feels good to have air between my clothes and to know what's there fits well.


Inspired By . . .my Dad, who sent me a bunch of pictures from his latest hike on Red Mountain in the Coconino Forrest.


Delighted by . . .how well our Moxie is doing. Some days are up and down, but mostly he's happy. Happy to sleep, happy to eat, happy to go out.


I am so sorry about your fingers! I hope they heal quickly and that you'll be back to knitting in no time. Enjoy the reading, the trip, and the Rye. And That Moxie! What a cutie! (Also . . . I'm going to run 20 red lights in YOUR honor . . . for getting that song totally stuck in my head today!)

Great post! That stinks about your fingers. And Moxie is always delightful! My friends bought my rye for my birthday, Whistle Pig and it's good. A little smoother than Bulleit.

Ouch! Your poor fingers. :-( Hope they heal soon.

I HATE when that happens. The very tips, too. More reading and chatting time. And, fall is kicking and screaming and having a tantrum, so we are without much of it right now. Next week, the temps are supposed to crisp up. Yay. Lucky Dad gets to see his babies and wee Moxie looks like a wise little old man;-p

Ooooh, ouchie! I have burned multiple fingers like that -- always memorable. I hope the healing goes quickly!

i hope they heal fast

Ow. Very graphic photo. If you are careful, the blisters won't pop. Harder on fingers, but possible.


I once had a ginormous blister on my heel. I put absorbine liniment on it and a big bandaid and went to bed. the liniment pulled out all the liquid and it was no longer pop-able.

I sliced of a chunk of the pad of my right ring finger on Labor Day - it's just about all filled in, but the nerves are regenerating, and seem to be hypersensitive - of course, it's right where my finger hits the keyboard!!

Hoping for a quick recovery so you can get back to knitting!

OUCH. Your poor fingers!

I loved this post. Lots of information to ponder. Stick a very clean needle in the edge of the blisters to drain all the fluid, carefully mash the skin of the blisters down on your fingers to adhere, put on bandages firmly, and voila, no blisters to pop with quicker healing. You have a perfect excuse not to do anything that requires "wet work"!

I had some wicked blisters last spring after a long day of snowshoeing. There are blister band aids that truly aided the healing process. You might give them a try. Moxie put a smile on my face!

Oh, I winced just looking at your fingers. I hope they heal quickly. But reading time is never a bad thing.

Wow! That is quite the burn and you managed to do the whole hand :/. I hope it heals super fast so you can knit :)

ouch and yikes! so sorry about your burns! hope you're not too disappointed by Man Walks into a Room; I read it after History of Love (which is in my top 5 of all time favorites) and was ... glad it wasn't my first of her books! thank you for the Moxie shot - he's a cutie!

Oh no - sorry to hear about your fingers!

I love that you enjoy Civil Wars, they are one of my favorites and I love, love that picture of Moxie...I could just hug his sweet little body, but I am sad to see those big blisters. Heal soon my friend! xoxo

Oh, dear! I hope your healing is swift. I'm glad you have so many other things to keep you while your fingers heal. xo

So sorry to see those fingers! But...Moxie looks great! Our pooches provide so much joy don't they?

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