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Glorious Retreat


Winter cares not that Autumn hasn't had a chance to settle in. She stomped right over the top and left her white mark with ten inches of snow at the Lodge. A night of cold allowed the white covering to stay until my arrival Saturday. It's hard to argue with the beauty of a mountain covered in fresh snow.


Few of the trees have had a chance to show off their fall colors, but after this snow and a few nights of very cold temperatures, they'll be quick about the change.


Saturday afternoon's temperatures warmed enough we decided to go for a walk. Carole, Kym, Suzy! You'll be happy to know I can now walk up the 55 stairs without stopping to rest and even continue on up the road. The day was glorious and we warmed up quickly only needing our sweaters when we walked back down into the wind.


Sunday the air was warm enough a hardy group of knitters had brunch on the deck, but when clouds moved in to cover the golden globe, many of us moved back inside to a cozy corner.


The weekend ended, as it often does, with a delicous Bloody Mary and the accomplishment of a fair bit knitting done.




Saturday sunrise


glorious! that blue sky is just amazing...and the Bloody Mary looks pretty good, too!

It looks wonderful and makes me long to be there again! I'm so proud of you for being able to go up all those stairs without resting - your hard work and dedication to pilates is paying off!

Sounds absolutely wonderful! I'm impressed that your stamina has improved so much.

Seconding Carole and Laurie! You go girl. Beautiful photos as always.

So many great things about this post - but I think your news about the stairs is the best news of all! You are AWESOME. And, hey! What'cha knitting? (I'm coming back next year! I was missing the retreat all weekend long!)

What a weekend!

Sounds like a terrific weekend; thanks for sharing with those AMAZING pictures!

"That's Alta!" said Rudi, glancing at your picture. "I recognize the runs at the bottom of the photo."

I think you made him a little bit homesick.

Yay for your increasing stamina! :D

The snow's a bit of a shock - I'm glad you were able to enjoy the weekend anyway.

so lucky you have snow! love the knitting in the photo, so cozy and warm :)

What great pictures of the aspens just starting to turn amidst all the fresh snow. Congratulations on making it up the steps! It makes me miss mountains.

Beautiful! But even tho it's supposed to be in the 20s here overnight this weekend, I need a little fall before my winter!!

So pretty. I am jealous of your views!

Stairs! My favorite. Bloody Mary! Another favorite. Have you had a Bacon Bloody Mary? MmmmMMmmmm.

Oh, beautiful!! I was just searching for something on my Ravelry project page and came across the Different Lines that I finished at the Alta Retreat -- and blocked on your guest room floor! We sure didn't have any snow then, but I knew it could go either way.

it was such a wonderful weekend, filled with good friends, good food and drink, knitting, and all that mother nature had to offer us

It sounds wonderful. Maybe someday...

Oh, the Bloody Marys!
It may have been snowy, but how spectacular it made the scenery! Love the fall colors with the snow and the brilliant blue sky.

Sounds like a lovely time! xo

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