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Family Pictures

With my family, there is a lot of ducking and hand waving when a camera comes into play. They think cameras are for taking pictures of scenery, and while scenery can be fantastic, it's all the better when a family member is included. 

Dad took us to Wapatki National Park where we walked the trails around Sunset Crater. The landscape was in varied shades of black lava rock, interesting to walk through and to touch. I was able to catch him off guard for this picture.

Dad and Helen posed in front of a tree they found interesting, but they're too far away to see their smiles, and I did snap one of Neena and Helen, which turned out to be ok.

But everyone agree this was their favorite family picture.


That's Dad on the left, me in the middle, and Neena on the right.

Not One Stitch


When the scenery looks like this, and there is quite a bit of chat going on, no knitting is accomplished. My knitting bag never left the back seat. Perhaps, I am no longer a real knitter, as I'd rather look at the sky.The trip was quick, but it was still four days stuck in the car, a bit too (as in TOOOOO) long to sit.

If you eat GF I recommend Flagstaff as a destination and if you don't eat GF you'll love "Flag", too.

PS. The picture was taken on 89A in AZ.

Heading Out

My knitting and a few books have been packed and I need to think about clothes and other necessaries, especially of the cold weather variety. I've made sure to have my camera, too. I'm heading out for Flagstaff and looking forward to hanging out with my sister and my dad. See ya later!

My Day in Sky

By nature, I'm an early riser. Over the course of a year I watch the 5:00am sky move from the dark of night, to the earliest dawn-light of summer. This time of year the sky is near pitch black and Orion sits well above the horizon. I feel as if he calls "hallows" to my day. Sunrise arrives just a few minutes later each day and, as often happens this time of year, clouds create a vivid reminder of natures abundance. Perhpas, you can see why the sky fills my soul daily.

Just as I came down for breakfast the sky to the east shone with a variety of cloud shapes and heartbreakingly beauitful pink clouds and to the west, the clouds were salmon pink cotton balls.


Twenty minutes later, as I drove away from home, the clouds reflected the rising sun.

The next day the clouds slid by, light as feathers, clearing the sky of dust and purifying its blueness.

They gathered over the mountains adding color, depth and relief to the landscape. I wonder what people think of the grrl with the camera, who stands in awe, her mouth and eyes wide open to the beauty.

Not that I really care what anyone thinks of the delight I feel or the prayers I say.

But Wait! There's More

You may think yesterdays post covered everything I did over the weekend, but as luck would have it, you get to hear more! I'm going to ToT my weekend for you.

1.One of the very first things I did Saturday morning was go to pilates. After a cup of tea and a bite to eat, I'm out the door bundled against the cold.  Classes are starting to fill, as the weather is changing and driving people indoors.

2. Saturday and Sunday I had the time to hangout with knitting buddies. I accomplished quite a few repeats on my shawl, solved world problems, and talked about future projects

3. It's not often I have time to run into my local book store, as it's miles from my home, but I took the time over the weekend to run in and pick up the new book by my favorite poet, Mary Oliver (and a few other books, too).

4. As Saturday was one of the  few warm, and beautiful, fall days we've had the past week, I made sure to have a pedi and a mani. Usually this time of year I have my toes denuded of color, but this year, because of pilates, I decided to color them up through winter rather than cover them up. My fall/winter color will be "Bite Me", a gift from dear Cookie.

5. Saturday night Smith came home later from work than expected so we went to our favorite taqueria for a quick dinner. It was ALMOST warm enough to eat on the patio.

6. Sunday we braved the change in the weather and did this (yesterdays post). (I had an apple yesterday and it was superb!)

7. While we were at the market Smith took a couple of photos of my new hat. A proper post will happen at a future date.

8. As a reward for braving the big box grocery store, I brought home a sunny bunch of flowers. They brightened the gray and dreary day with the proper amount of sunny yellow.

9.Sunday night we kicked back and watched the baseball game. Whew-ew-eee it was a squeaker, but our team pulled it out and won the day!

10. The last thing I did Sunday night was fall asleep.

You Might Call This Weekending

The day may have been unsettled, cloudy with intermittent showers, but it didn't stop us from accomplishing our usual task of hunting and gathering. Since there was a stop in the rain we headed for the local farmers market, one of the last of the year.

First stop, local apples. I bought Honey Crisp and Braeburn. Apples are, perhaps, my favorite fruit, as they're versatile, come in a variety of flavors, and are constant.
We also bought a few winter squashes, as well as pumpkins for the front porch. The cuisine around here, as is the mood, is very fallish, and could be called Halloween(y).

Weekending with Amanda

Cap it Off

Remember the Retreat I went to a couple of weeks ago? Since the only thing I had on my needles was Remember When, with its short rows, eyelet rows and picot trim, I felt I needed something much easier to knit. Keeping track of all that was just too much while chatting and laughing (and drinking). When I shared with a friend what my project would be, she was shocked I chose cables. I'm knitting Bray Cap from BT13 with Shelter and I've started the crown shaping. This baby will soon be finished.


I've been doing cables for almost as long as I've been knitting. They were so beautiful, so foreign, and fashionable. I taught myself to do cables by making a scarf for my Dad. I followed the instructions stitch by stitch (no charts in the "old" days).A few years ago I learned to do cables without a cable needle and I fell in love with the technique (YMMV).

The book I'm reading (no picture) is by a favorite author, Nicole Krauss. Man Walks Into a Room has gripped me from its first pages. I'm half way through, unsure of where the story is leading but completely wrapped up in Samson's story. Krauss brings the reader to a place of understanding the solitary solitude of not knowing who you are.

Yarn Along with Ginny