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Remember the Retreat I went to a couple of weeks ago? Since the only thing I had on my needles was Remember When, with its short rows, eyelet rows and picot trim, I felt I needed something much easier to knit. Keeping track of all that was just too much while chatting and laughing (and drinking). When I shared with a friend what my project would be, she was shocked I chose cables. I'm knitting Bray Cap from BT13 with Shelter and I've started the crown shaping. This baby will soon be finished.


I've been doing cables for almost as long as I've been knitting. They were so beautiful, so foreign, and fashionable. I taught myself to do cables by making a scarf for my Dad. I followed the instructions stitch by stitch (no charts in the "old" days).A few years ago I learned to do cables without a cable needle and I fell in love with the technique (YMMV).

The book I'm reading (no picture) is by a favorite author, Nicole Krauss. Man Walks Into a Room has gripped me from its first pages. I'm half way through, unsure of where the story is leading but completely wrapped up in Samson's story. Krauss brings the reader to a place of understanding the solitary solitude of not knowing who you are.

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I love knitting cables...and you're right about knitting them without a cable needle - it's so much easier! that red you chose for the hat is gorgeous!!

Must learn the cableless technique.

Book looks intriguing. Sounds Kindle-able.

Beautiful hat! I think cables are my favorite thing to knit - kind of magical. (Call me nuts - but even though I know how to do cables without a cable needle, I actually prefer using one!)

I love Nicole Krauss. :-)

cute hat! Love the color and it's perfect for fall (or winter) :)

I am still a cable needle kind a gal. Just lost too many stitches without it. I love when you talk about your books! Happy Hump Day!!!

Love the hat, love the color, love the cables! I've got a BT hat (Norby) that's just at the crown too. I could have used it this morning!

Ohhhhh, Shelter. Love the color, so good to brighten up cold days ahead.

Cabling without a cable needle is the best! That hat will be lovely - I need to make myself a cabled hat, I think. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Cables. Love 'em.

Love cables. There's such a nice rhythm to them when knitting. Beautiful color - quite a change from your usual blue!!

Cute hat! :)

I used to be afraid of cables but now I really enjoy them - especially without the cable needle. I enjoyed History of Love and have put this one in my queue.

Cute hat! I love cables.

Beautiful hat and such a wonderful red! xo

Love the hat! It looks so snuggly and warm.

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