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Red is THE Color

In celebration of four years going strong, I'm showing off my latest cherished object. Long ago (during my short run at spinning) I joined a fiber club  and one of the luxury fibers was a vibrant red cashmere/silk. I was in love. It was my dream to turn into a Rumpelstiltskin and spin the elegant blend into a find thread. (Of course, after spinning I would then turn into a very kind and caring princess.)

A few months ago a very kind and caring princess (one of many) came into my life and offered to turn the amazing fiber into an amazing yarn. What else could I do but take her up on the offer? When her hand spun yarn arrived I was floored by its beauty and its softeness.My dream had come true and I never had to turn into Rumpelstiltskin.


Sweet Dreams was a heavenly knit. The pattern was easy to follow and the yarn was one of the most elegant I've ever knit. I felt very fortunate, and loved, to have this luxuriousness in my hands.

The color of the beads is very close to the color of the yarn, but they are lined with silver, which adds a subtle "glint". The sparkle, also, adds light that shows off the lace and their weight gives a touch of reality to the ethereal fabric.


A picot bind off doubles the number of stitches along the edge, but its effect is well worth the effort. Its delicacy matches the beauty of the shawl and continues the integrity of the lace right to the end.

I'm having Sweet Dreams of Sweet Dreams, a very special and elegant shawl and I couldn't love her more.


beautiful and congratulations of your healthy anniversary! May you celebrate many many more in the years to come.

So very beautiful. Well done!


So lovely! And what a perfect way to celebrate a Very Special Milestone! XOXOXO

beautiful, and the red is such an appropriate color to celebrate the day

Absolutely beautiful, Margene!

Four more years!! And then four more... and four more... and more and more and more! Happy anniversary, dear heart!

It's an amazing knit, and a lovely tribute to your survival!

Oh, that is absolutely perfect!

It's just stunning, as are you, my friend.

It's gorgeous! Although I'm not sure Cookie would appreciate being called a kind and caring princess... It kinda sends the wrong message, no? :-P

Ooooooh, it's red qnd entirely gorgeous--who wouldn't like it!

How beautiful you "both" are and a very, very happy anniversary and many more to come.

How lovely and a perfect color to celebrate!

We've known each other for years, my darling friend. I am glad that my handspun made you happy and that you were able to turn it into something beautiful... not that I had any doubts. Hard to believe it's been four years. Congratulations!

OOh my, Margene that is so amazingly lovely and what a way to celebrate a wonderful anniversary! I am so happy we share this day together. Here's to many more happy anniversaries!

Happy Healthy Anniversary! The shawl is absolutely gorgeous and isn't Cookie a sweetheart!?!

Cookie's spinning looks wonderful and your knitting is simply stunning! What a gorgeous shawl - I'm off to add it to my queue!

What a beautiful project through and through. Such a statement to this wonderful world. Happy Healthy Anniversary!

Wow! I always think projects get imbued with whatever "vibes" we're feeling while we knit, and it looks like you get a double dose of happy & healthy with special spinning and lovely knitting. Congratulations on a beautiful shawl; wear it in good health and much happiness!


Such a beautiful shawl! It looks mahvelous on you.

Oh that is just so elegant and beautiful! It looks wonderful on you too!

Exquisite! So beautiful. Just like you. Happy anniversary! Glad that is receding farther and farther into history.

What an exquisite piece of art. You Cookie created incredible beauty, grrl. And, four years? Wow. What a gift that was and is, Dear One!

GASP! How gorgeous and beautiful is that? I love red on you - it's lovely.

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