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Picture Ode to August

August 23
Autumn's cooling and colorful days are a welcome break from the white intense heat of summer. This year we've broken or tied or sorts of temperature records and it will turn out to be one of the hottest summers on record. July was the hottest month ever recorded and August continued in that vein to continue the streak of days over 95.

August 24
But, August's skies offer full study of white in all its shades, tints and tones. The clouds play, bringing to mind shapes, foretelling the weather and painting the blue canvas with every shade of gray. In August the light starts to soften, and defuse, the heat takes frequent breaks, and nights become noticeably longer.

I love September, the changing of color from summer's green, to autumn's golds, the softening of light, the golden glow of the air, and the cooling days, but I confess to shedding tears September 1st.


Beautiful skies! I like the change in seasons, but I'm always melancholy when September rolls around. I love summer! (Even when it's too hot.)

So pretty. I'm good with September. November is when reality sets in here in Middle Earth. Happy Friday, Dear One!

Ugh, those really aren't the sort of records you want to

I always love your sky photos! I shed a tear or two on September 2nd, mostly because we had to come home from the beach.

Your sky pictures are the best!!

Beautiful blue skies!

I will miss the summer. Your post is beautiful Margene...your words make me smile.

I hope your tears were brief, and you can find more to enjoy in the changing season. xo

what pretty skies...I think it's wonderful to acknowledge the good and the sad about the passing seasons.

Oh, as always... beautiful!

beautiful! I love September, October, November, December, January and yes! February and March :) Not a huge fan of late spring, and summer.

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