There is a Point To This Wordy Blog Post

Oh My

The garden goodies are winding down, as the tomatoes seem to be stuck in limbo. The recent rains have confused them. The vibrant green fruit refuses to turn red, but if it does the tomato has end rot.


Instead we're harvesting peppers, what will surely be the last of them. This is our most recent batch of shishito peppers, the not hot, not too sweet, totally tasty, treat. I followed this recipe from Food 52 and was blown away with the deliciousness. We'll grow more of these delights next summer.


The end of tomato season is always so sad! Your peppers are lovely.

Ohhh nice new variety of peppers to try next year in my plot! My tomatoes were a bust here at home. Have you thought about frying or pickling your green tomatoes?

I cannot believe that harvest time is coming to an end. It feels a bit too soon, ya know? Enjoy your beautiful peppers. You will soon have kale, et al! Happy Monday, Sweetie!

Oh, intriguing peppers, those.

did you just use whatever peppers you had? or the ones specified

Sorry about the tomatoes but the peppers look wonderful. :)


The shift from summer-to-autumn is quite apparent at the farmers' market -- decidedly more squash & pumpkin the last couple of weeks!

...and APPLES!

Mmmmmm. Peppers are my very favorite of all!!!

As a recent transplant from CA, the shishito peppers are a favorite treat! Did you start from seed or find plants in the SLC area? I looked at several nurseries this spring without success. Enjoy!

my sister grows peppers - I wonder if she knows about these...

Always looking for peppers that the boys can eat, that aren't too boring for the adults!

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