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Oh, There is That Other Sweater

What was I thinking? Suzy brought this to my attention and I decided I had to confess. My last sweater wasn't knit in 2011, it was knit THIS year! Chicane is completely buttoned up, but since it hadn't been photographed and hadn't been added to my list of FOs, it was out of sight, out of mind. For good reason, I might add. The temperatures last month were too hot to even think about a photo shoot, but as soon as the weather changed, Suzy came to my aid and we took a few pictures.

There is more to this confession...Chicane doesn't fit very well. She's a wee LOT too big. She doesn't fit very well and its because I didn't use my knowledge, my common sense, or give much thought to the size I'd picked. No measurements and no real thought was given to my present shape or size. I just went with what I "guessed" would work. After knitting a gauge swatch I.just.knit.  A sweater. 

In part, I blame the sleeves. It was the elbows! They attracted me, they entertained me, and I went with a size I thought would work. Can you see how much room there is across the shoulders?

Yes, well, I could wear a football player's shoulder pads to make Chicane fit, but that's so 80s.
All is not lost, as I will wear dear Chicane (it's not her fault she's problematic) and I will enjoying her warmth. She'll still be a cozy sweater to wear this winter, but no fear...I have learned my lesson.


Well. I'm glad that's off my chest. I cannot wait to knit a sweater that fits me well.


She is a tad too large, but I love the sweater anyway!

I do love the elbows on that sweater but yes, it is too big for you. Layering it will work, though, and I know how you like to layer.

Yes, it is a wee bit big, but you still look beautiful in it. :)

I like oversize sweaters, so I think it looks great on you! :)

So many caveats...meh...it looks great.

This looks like it will become your go-to comfort sweater! If you enjoying knitting it, that counts for at least as much in the satisfaction department.

it looks beautiful, i love the color...dont you just hate it when you know what you should have done...i do that all the time

Oh dear. Yes, it's too big, but maybe when it's layered over thicker clothes in the winter it will work better. Sometimes it's good to have an oversized sweater.

Must say that I do find those elbows quite attractive!

Very cool elbows, but as Carole said layering will help. Love the color.

I like it and I think it looks great on you! Maybe it can act like a coat? instead of a sweater since it's roomy :)

It's still lovely and I'm sure will provide you with many a warm wear this winter.

Oversized is making a comeback this autumn. Looks like your ahead of fashion! I am sure it will be very comfortable.

I think that your Chicane looks great and that you will find many ways to snuggle up in the loose, relaxed fit. xo

think how many warm layers you can wear under this one - it's going to be very cozy! ...and I can see how those sleeves would be completely addictive. I am really excited about Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter software - sweaters that fit without ME having to do the math!

Its a bit large, but hey, sometimes larger sweaters can be like a coat or jacket over a pullover on those days that are too warm for a real winter coat. The yarn looks yummy.

If you wear layers or like 'em slouchy, that one looks like it'll do! Beautiful work... I had a hard time resisting those elbows.

She'll work well with layers? It is still a beautiful sweater and looks very comfy.

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