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I can't give you a good reason for my disappearance, nor can I truly explain why I felt compelled to walk away, but I can say, I'm enjoying my life on this side of the screen. Well, saying it that way makes me feel a little selfish, but being in the now felt right. Today I feel like coming out of my shell and sharing some of the great things I've got going, although none of it is very exciting.

Guess what? You're right!


The garden is growing! beans, beans, beans (and more beans coming), a few fabulous looking tomatoes are ready to harvest and more green potential hangs on the vines.


This year we expect to have our first crop of Brussel sprouts as the plants are looking healthy and full of buds. The fennel looks great, too, and my fingers are crossed we'll have more than the flowers to enjoy.

For the first time in a long time I've found an exercise program I love to do on a regular bases. I still take my morning walk, but it's not enough to build up the muscle strength I need to overcome back pain. I'm in love with pilates! My muscles are working and growing stronger each day. I feel when they're engaged and feel how they work to support me. You know that feeling when "this is it"? Well, this is my IT!


Between exercise class, garden time, reading and knitting time, cooking and cleaning time, well, who wants to spend "other" time in front of a computer? I need to leave a little time for cloud watching. Look! It's a dove!


Your garden is looking fabulous. I remember growing brussels sprouts when I was a kid and I was fascinated at how they grew on the stalk - I kept expecting those big leaves to curl up and make tiny little sprouts! So glad you're loving pilates!

It really IS a dove! Glad you found Pilates. I need to get back to yoga. Am envying that beautiful garden.

Beautiful garden!! I know about walking away from blogging. We'll probably be back with colder weather?

Inspiring garden!

Have fun, grrrl!

I agree! Life is fun and shouldn't be glued to a computer. I need to start exercising besides walking as well.

Great picture of the garden!

And glad you found an exercise program you're enjoying. I really need to do that...

Nice garden!! It's hard to find a balance that includes everything. I know I have a hard time with it too, but I am always happy to see you post. :)

Lovely garden! Maybe I need to move to Utah to get away from the deer that love my garden, especially the beans this year. :(

Always allow time for cloud watching

The garden looks so beautiful. And fennel! I forgot to plant fennel this year. Oops.

Glad you've found a way to strengthen your muscles that you like. The garden looks wonderful! How do you prepare your fennel?

you're preaching to the choir about living the life on "this" side of the screen! so glad you love pilates...I started just last summer and I continue to be amazed at how different the workout feels...and how different my body IS. and that garden? whoa!

I have tomato-envy! Ours have not produced - yet. I have hope. Beautiful sky! Keep up the fun!

That garden is looking spectacular! And the Pilates - yay! Strength inside and out!

Oh, those brussels sprouts are going to be sooo good! Enjoy life on the other side of the screen...that's what it's all about, right?!

Pilates is GREAT -- and I'm so glad you've found a fitness program you enjoy! And those tomatoes! Oh, Margene! They look fabulous! (And breaks are good for the soul.)

No explanation necessary. I think nurturing the life on the other side of the screen is always good. It certainly comes through on this side, too!

Yay! I'm glad you have found an exercise program that helps you. xo

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