Special Day

Invested in the Sky

Saturday I went to Silver Lake with friend who had never been. We went up early in the day to increase the likelihood of seeing a moose. Carole, I am so sorry, as we saw four! As we started along the walkway a big bull moose, along with his family (cow and child), was strolling through the brook eating the reeds quite voraciously.


click to enlargen and you'll see the velvet covering his antlers
We could see another bull moose sitting in the grass  on the other side of the lake not quite ready to start his day. From our side of the lake we could see his large antlers move and a  small group of people watching, but we were unable to make it around before he stood up and walk away into the reeds.


The day was exceptional and the sky particularly vivid, constantly changing, as clouds formed and moved on. My head was up staring at the formations for much of our walk, but not to the point I couldn't spot the many wildflowers we saw.

The sun shone on the reeds and grasses highlighting their hues and shades. Walking slowly, watching for wildflowers, and enjoying the breezes while we chatted made the day all the more enjoyable.

The clouds danced and changed, their shapes creating a constant entertainment of dark and light. A storm tried to brew, but it never did coalesce into more than a puff.

Chris had a wonderful day and enjoyed the lake so much she returned with her daughter later that day. She may be another convert to the beauty and peace of Silver Lake.


so beautiful!

love the big guy!

Are you KIDDING me???!!! I am so jealous. This is just your way to entice me back, isn't it?

I wish I could be there. And yet another moose....you lucky duck!!

Beautiful! Can't stop cracking up at Carole! I knew what her reaction would be before I got to the comments. Lol. I love staring at cloud formations too and watch them continuously morph.

I've never been to Silver Lake when I didn't see a moose or several...including one dark Halloween night! Carole must not be a moose kinda girl.

It's not hard to be converted into a lover of Silver Lake!! Wonderful. ;)

I'm starting to have a feeling that I would've seen a moose when I visited Silver Lake . . . except I was with Carole!!!!! :-) What a perfect day, Margene. Such a wonderful spot!

So gorgeous. *sigh*

It always brings joy to my heart to see that you are experiencing such beauty. xo

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