It's Been Two Years

#Roadtrip (Week 2)

I'm a little behind, as I have one more postcard to add, plus a new prompt came through yesteday. Today I'm playing catch up.

This story is based in childhood memories of our family travels across the country. My memories are in large part happy, full of curiosity, games, destinations, and sights. We had a car load of kids! Dad drove, mom did her best to keep us entertained and under control. Dad would get a little grouchy when tired and, sometimes, he had a need to conquer the road, but he also loved to stop every chance we had to explore.  This event did not happen to me (to us). It is a fiction, but I do know what it feels like to be stuck inside a car for a very long road trip.


Sorry for my illegible handwriting. It's easier to read on Flickr. #roadtrip week2


I love this! What a nifty way to write a little, share some memories, and inspire!

You really capture the feeling of being stuck in a car. I think you've missed your calling.

I think our fathers were related;-p

Ken has similar stories of long car trips. :)

I think I've mostly blocked those long childhood roadtrips out of my mind! :)

This is a wonderful project, Margene. You've really captured that feeling of being a kid in the back of the car. I still love road trips!

Boy, that sounds familiar, except that our very long cross-country trips always involved moving, but even on our trips up north my dad would NEVER stop to "explore."

I know that we did take some long car trips, but I have pretty much no recollection of them - only of the destinations. Except for the time when we drove to Las Vegas before they had speed limits, and my dad pointed out that we were going 110 mph. Maybe it's because I had terrible car sickness. My mom probably gave me dramamine, and I slept through most of the drives.

You've captured that "trapped" feeling so well!

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