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One of my friends just sobs and sobs when she has too much time alone. It's hard for me to imagine because I've never felt that way. I lived alone before I met Smith, I've spent long periods of time alone when he traveled, and now that he's working varied hours, there are many nights I spend alone.When I'm alone I can spend time doing things in my own time, in my own way.  Ten on Tuesday starts now.


1. I listen to jazz. Wonderful, improvisational, muted trumpet, smokey voices, jazz. Not that "smooth jazz"...not my style, but beebop, that's my style. Miles, Coltrane, Hargrove, Billy and Sarah, to name just a few.

2. Read, quietly, no interruptions, either in the living room or on the patio, depending on the weather.

3. Take a drive up a canyon, sit quietly in a grove of trees and watch the birds. Sometimes I walk a trail, but rarely go far on my own. It's not a good idea to head out alone without letting someone else know where you're going.

4. Fix an easy but very tasty dinner, such as, roasted shrimp and asparagus. Set the table with full service and wine glass. Treat myself like a queen.

5. Shop for furniture, sit in every chair and try to decide what will fit my needs. I fell in love with a yellow rocking chair and I can't get it out of my head.  It may come home with me yet. 

6. Clean and reorganize...without someone saying "are you sure we won't need it?".

7. Spread my stuff out all over the livingroon, in every chair, and all over the couch. I love having space to see what's in my knitting basket or how many magazines and books I'm involved in reading.

8. Write flash fiction. More on this later.

9. Skip dinner (and just snack on fruit or veggies). If I eat a late lunch I'll have an apple with sunflower butter for dinner.

10. Sing out loud and dance as I'm getting ready for bed (whilst nekid). It's true, it's fun and it makes me laugh.

Oh, yes, I knit, too!  What do you like to do?


Yellow rocking chair! Who knew??

I skip dinner often when I am home alone. I like being home alone. I guess because it doesn't happen too much! Great list Margene!

I love #6! I can so see you in a yellow rocking chair...go for it!

I agree - get the chair! And spreading your stuff out - can be scary sometimes don't you think! ;-)

I to seem to enjoy those very same things.

Excellent alone activities, I like them all :)

Oh yeah. I love it when I need answer to no one buy myself!

I used to get really anxious when I had to spend time alone - now I couldn't survive without plenty of it! I'm really picky about jazz - probably my favorite is Stan Getz, particularly the Cafe Montmarte (sp?!) album.

Time alone is a rare thing in my house, but when I get it I like to clean house and talk to myself - sort out what's bipping around in my brain.

Your list is awesome and so very YOU! You reminded me that when Dale used to go away hunting for a week I always took that as an opportunity to do some purging of stuff without him there, taking half the things I was throwing away and hiding them in the garage! Go get the yellow chair. And then dance naked!

I love having breakfast for dinner when my husband is away. I never sing and dance while naked but I have been known to bask in the glory of a very clean kitchen-no people means no mess.

I can't imagine being so upset over being alone. I can always find ways to entertain myself.

ooohh, #7 and #10 are on my list, too (except for the nekid part :-) reading these lists make me realize we give up bits and pieces of our true selves to be with others. and sometimes we need to just let those true selves OUT! flash fiction sounds intriguing. can't wait to hear!

As you know, this is not an issue for me, but as I told Carole, the main disadvantage to having too much time alone is selfishness. It's hard to avoid, but essential that I do. Hugs, grrl. Only 3.5 more days.

When I was in my early 20s and my ex husband was away a lot on tour, I moaned about eating alone to a favorite professor. He wisely told me to set the table for a fancy dinner and pour myself a glass of wine...I don't always do so when I eat alone, but it is quite a luxury when I do!!

Also: huzzah for dancing nekid!

I too clean and reorganize when I am home alone - and declutter - no one to ask if I really want to get rid of something.

My alone time is way to rare...when it does happen, I'm afraid I'm going to squander it. Love eating when & what I want, watching movies no one else would be interested in, reading or knitting.

I LOVE your list, Margene! (And absolutely nothing on it surprises me!) Get the yellow chair. And dance naked all around it!!!

A happy list!

I need the balance of time together and time alone, and value it all. xo

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