No Good Reason

On Location

Smith and I tried to think of another place to go for Germinate's photo shoot, but honestly, why mess with a good thing?  Silver Lake is a short drive from home and, when we arrive, it's an easy walk around one of the most beautiful lakes in the Wasatch.


The lake fills me with a serenity, a peacefulness, and it calms my mind. The natural color and texture of the landscape inspires and enlivens.

The blue skies and cloudscapes are an enticement, but we've been to the lake no matter the skies.


Last Tuesday the temperature soared and it turned out to be no better at the lake. The plan was to take Chicanery along, but it was hot enough I didn't want to take it out of the car. Poor thing will have to wait for cooler weather to have her day in the sun.

However, I can show you one more picture of the beauty of the lake and how lovely Germinate is in the sun.


It is absolutely the perfect spot for a photo shoot - why go anywhere else??

I love your photo shoots at Silver Lake! It's such a special place -- and, Margene! That shawl!

Beautiful! The lake, you, the shawl.

Gorgeous photos and location! :)

Beautiful location!

Oh wow. Margene, the setting is spectacular. We'll be taking our oldest to SLC in August as she is transferring to University of Utah. Silver Lake will be on our agenda!

It's so wonderful to live in a place where there's such awesome beauty only a short drive away.

Pretty, pretty shawl! Colorwise, it fits in with the surroundings so well. :)

Perfect in every way. And I'm sure you and Smith had fun doing the shoot!

I love your Silver's such a beautiful place!

Plus the occasional moose sighting! :)

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