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Look! Up in the Sky!

Sunrise June 24

Taking pictures of my view, as I take my morning walk (or as I'm leaving for work), is an almost daily occurance.

Sunrise June 15

Every cloud, every change to the view, is of interest, and the changes fascinate me. The perfect place to view is a short distance from my door, right in front of another condo. The woman who lives there once commented that I must have 1,000 pictures of that view and I replied it was more like 10,000 (and counting). The first picture I took was in March of 2004 when I started to blog.

Sunrise July 9

Even when my camera is at home I'll stand and stare at the sky. It's a humbling sight to behold.

Happy Weekend!


SUCH a gorgeous vantage point for capturing your beautiful Utah sky! (And I know JUST where you are . . . when you're snapping those shots!) :-)

You have a fantastic spot for enjoying the sky. Looking UP is good!

I come from a long line of sky watchers. I couldn't put a screened in porch on my deck because it would have blocked my sky. Your front yard view is quite breathtaking, my Dear. Happy Friday!!!

You have the best sky!

Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend to you as well! :)


So pretty!

Beautiful! I never tire of sky-watching... yours, mine, ours.

One of my favorite views too. Looking up is good for the soul!

Happy Weekend! And beautiful shots! I'll be getting a look at some big sky next Friday. (Denver-Lander-Jackson and back again!!!)

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