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Reading is one of my favorite activities and I am ever in awe of good writing and the authors who deliver.  Many of the blogs I read inspire me with the way the author puts words together, too. Great writing is everywhere I look. I love words.


I am not a good writer, at least not a very adventurous one, and I've never written fiction of any sort--have never aspired to write fiction of any sort. But, a spark ignited in me when I read Beverly's post about writing on the back of a postcard. The exercise sounded "doable", interesting and scary! What gives me the right to think I can write a story?


Instead of fretting over my lack of ability I decided to hold my breath and jump right in. I may not be very good at this project, but I'm going to do it nonetheless. #roadtrip


I LOVE this! So much.

Who ever said you can't write? You will continue with this story, right? You hooked me.

That is awesome. I think you need to rethink the idea that you are not a writer because, clearly, you ARE.

And now I have another blog to check out. I say jump and who cares whether it's good or not, it's a part of you spilling onto pages :) or postcard!

I'm hooked too Margene! lol So nice to see your actual handwriting.

Good for you!!!

Oh, what a clever way to ease into writing! :)

I LOVE this! You most definitely ARE a writer, Margene. You've already proven it to your many blog readers over the past years, and now this is expanding your skills (or, more likely, just showing us and especially yourself what you had inside of you all along.)

You communicate with sincerity and poetry on each blog entry. I hope you will hear that as you listen to your writer's voice on each postcard. I appreciate and am inspired by your pursuit of creativity in its many guises.

What a lovely idea! And of course you can write. How about your post on your Cutaway sweater?

You go girl! There is every reason not to enjoy writing (or most any activity that appeals to you) because your love of it will guide you and help you get better and better.


I love this! I can't wait to read your next one! Thanks for writing along with the other #roadtrippers!

Is it fun? Then DO IT! I think just sometimes throwing caution to the wind and doing something you want to do, despite not being "great" at it necessarily, is just the ticket!

I have connected with your character. I feel the adventure, the escape and the wanting. This is awesome!

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