#Roadtrip (Week 2)

It's Been Two Years

Our moose drought finally ended this past weekend. It's been two years since a moose has shown itself at Silver Lake. I was watching a bird and saw what looked like a large bird fluttering its wings and suddenly realized it was the ears of a moose flicking the flies away.

It's quite small and we assumed it to be immature, maybe born earlier this summer, and as it turned out, this was very likely true. Deep in the reeds, but not very far away, stood a larger moose (a mother?).

Both were busy eating and enjoying a glorious day at the lake.


Nice pictures!! We have lots of moose up here but poor Hannah in all of her 18 years has never seen one even though they frequently run through our yard...LOL

I am SO jealous!


oohhh... I am trying my best to catch a glimpse of one of them biggies but all I managed so far are the back end of one going back into the forest (I think it was one anyway...) and all sorts of foot marks on some forest trails but I am not giving up!

Gee and to think I'm thrilled to see a deer. What would I do if I saw a moose? Would love to find out!

So cool!! One of the most amazing things I've ever seen was that moose at Silver Lake! So crazy with all those school kids that day doing their worksheets, moose just doing its thing. I count myself very lucky.

Oh, WOW! So glad you were there to see it! So COOL.

you lucky lucky duck! That would be grand to see a moose!!

The perfect distance to enjoy watching them. :)

Awesome! We've had a drought for a while for seeing anything while visiting NH. But we were lucky enough to see one in Yellowstone last week. It never gets old!

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