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On Location

Smith and I tried to think of another place to go for Germinate's photo shoot, but honestly, why mess with a good thing?  Silver Lake is a short drive from home and, when we arrive, it's an easy walk around one of the most beautiful lakes in the Wasatch.


The lake fills me with a serenity, a peacefulness, and it calms my mind. The natural color and texture of the landscape inspires and enlivens.

The blue skies and cloudscapes are an enticement, but we've been to the lake no matter the skies.


Last Tuesday the temperature soared and it turned out to be no better at the lake. The plan was to take Chicanery along, but it was hot enough I didn't want to take it out of the car. Poor thing will have to wait for cooler weather to have her day in the sun.

However, I can show you one more picture of the beauty of the lake and how lovely Germinate is in the sun.


The seed was planted when Kirsten announced she had designed a mystery shawl for a June KAL.

The seed was watered when she introduced it as a three color shawl. The idea was fertilized when I saw Kim's new colors, Suede and Urban Cowboy.

With Kim's suggestion of Blue Moon as the third color the seed was properly nurtured.

The all of it germinated my Germinate.


As with every mystery, there is always uncertainty. With each clue only a little is revealed.Slowly diamonds emerged in the lace and then grew larger in each section.


The final lace border was looked to with great anticipation. How would it end? As leaves grew, the final lace ledge put into place, the beauty of the shawl unfolded. I couldn't be more pleased. 



It's Been Two Years

Our moose drought finally ended this past weekend. It's been two years since a moose has shown itself at Silver Lake. I was watching a bird and saw what looked like a large bird fluttering its wings and suddenly realized it was the ears of a moose flicking the flies away.

It's quite small and we assumed it to be immature, maybe born earlier this summer, and as it turned out, this was very likely true. Deep in the reeds, but not very far away, stood a larger moose (a mother?).

Both were busy eating and enjoying a glorious day at the lake.

#Roadtrip (Week 2)

I'm a little behind, as I have one more postcard to add, plus a new prompt came through yesteday. Today I'm playing catch up.

This story is based in childhood memories of our family travels across the country. My memories are in large part happy, full of curiosity, games, destinations, and sights. We had a car load of kids! Dad drove, mom did her best to keep us entertained and under control. Dad would get a little grouchy when tired and, sometimes, he had a need to conquer the road, but he also loved to stop every chance we had to explore.  This event did not happen to me (to us). It is a fiction, but I do know what it feels like to be stuck inside a car for a very long road trip.


Sorry for my illegible handwriting. It's easier to read on Flickr. #roadtrip week2


In Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day (today), which is the day in 1847 the folks who settled this valley arrived.  Some of us choose to celebrate Pie and Beer Day instead (get it?) and we started our celebration last night. Smith grilled up some dang good ribs and we popped open a couple of beers. The night was a great cap on a very fun day.

I, Me, My, Mine, Summer Time!

Sweet summer treats are not my thing, although, once in awhile, the absolute chill of a popsicle or snow cone would be perfect, especially when the temperatures are over 100. However, there are many other summer time treats that really float my boat during the summer months. Welcome to ToT Summer Edition!

Garden Goodies of both the floral and veggie variety

Juicy Fruits of any type freshly picked from the tree

Long Days of glorious blue skies and with fun to watch cloud formations

A Stroll along the paths of our community garden by the light of the Full Moon. Sadly, lasr night was a little cloudy.

Ice Tea mixed with big ice cubes (that take forever to melt), a lemon slice, and a hint of freshly picked mint

Lemontini from a very cold martini shaker

Ice Cold Water with or without ice cubes

Fresh Pesto or Salsa Verdi made with Fresh Herbs from the garden

When the temperatures climb its time to head up for a hike on the Mountain Trails and enjoy the beauty wild flower season.

Summer days Off to do not much of anything but what sounds good at the moment (yes, any day off is a good day but a summer days is my favorite).

What's YOUR favorite summer treat?

Bloomin' Pretty


One of my favorite flowers is the spindly, yet elegant, blossom abundant, hollyhock (alcea). My neighbor has a nice little garden featuring this vintage, sweet flower.


Every time I walk past I stop and look at their pretty faces and think back to my childhood days when I made dolls with the buds, the blossoms and toothpicks.


One bud made the head and another the body, and a blossom made up the skirt (either full or straight). In addition we made hats and parasols out of the blossoms, too.  I dare not take the neighbors flowers, but you can find all sorts of information around the internet on how to make one.

Do you have a flower that evokes a childhood memory for you?
If not, what is your favorite flower?

Quietly Here

An office mate and I walk around the building at least once a day (unless the heat is unbearable) and we walk fast and talk faster. It's a nice break and a release from our computer screens.


If only you could hear the hum, the loud drone, of the bees drinking for the nectar of this tree.I stop here every morning whilst on my walk.

My morning walks are less frenzied than the walk I take for a break.  I walk at a good pace, but take the time I enjoy more of the nature around me. While morning light is quickly disappearing, the birds are in full song, with the goldfinches and house finches singing in the day, and the mourning doves cooing in closer to sunrise.

The cloudy weather has brought stunning sunrises, along with an increase in humidity. By mid-day the humidity has waned, the clouds scattered, only to increase with the heat of the day. We are graced with a quick rain shower, just enough to give us hope of more. The lightning and thunder entertain.

Sometimes I knit, sometimes I read, sometimes I'm out of the house to enjoy time with Smith or with friends. Therefore, what I don't do is write on the blog or spend much time on the computer. My works days are spent there, in front of the monster. While I miss you, my friends, I find spending time in the light of summer, more to my liking, even if it is to read or to knit. At times I think how wonderful it would be to have a smart phone, but then...

My TTL Mystery Shawl is complete, all but the blocking. In addtion, buttons will soon be attached to Chicane (remember it?) and a photo shoot for each will happen (soon).  Another project may be be raised from the dead, and since I have very few WIPs, you can probably guess which.  This quiet time of contemplation may have lead to its resurgence.

Look! Up in the Sky!

Sunrise June 24

Taking pictures of my view, as I take my morning walk (or as I'm leaving for work), is an almost daily occurance.

Sunrise June 15

Every cloud, every change to the view, is of interest, and the changes fascinate me. The perfect place to view is a short distance from my door, right in front of another condo. The woman who lives there once commented that I must have 1,000 pictures of that view and I replied it was more like 10,000 (and counting). The first picture I took was in March of 2004 when I started to blog.

Sunrise July 9

Even when my camera is at home I'll stand and stare at the sky. It's a humbling sight to behold.

Happy Weekend!


Reading is one of my favorite activities and I am ever in awe of good writing and the authors who deliver.  Many of the blogs I read inspire me with the way the author puts words together, too. Great writing is everywhere I look. I love words.


I am not a good writer, at least not a very adventurous one, and I've never written fiction of any sort--have never aspired to write fiction of any sort. But, a spark ignited in me when I read Beverly's post about writing on the back of a postcard. The exercise sounded "doable", interesting and scary! What gives me the right to think I can write a story?


Instead of fretting over my lack of ability I decided to hold my breath and jump right in. I may not be very good at this project, but I'm going to do it nonetheless. #roadtrip