I, Me, My, Mine, Summer Time!
#Roadtrip (Week 2)


In Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day (today), which is the day in 1847 the folks who settled this valley arrived.  Some of us choose to celebrate Pie and Beer Day instead (get it?) and we started our celebration last night. Smith grilled up some dang good ribs and we popped open a couple of beers. The night was a great cap on a very fun day.


Looks and sounds perfect for you and Smith! Enjoy your holiday!

Pi and Beer Day (with the addition of ribs) sounds wonderful; you Utahans (Utahns?) really know how to celebrate!

My mom is from a small town in North Dakota and that has always been our family's summer vacation to go visit her parents. They celebrate their own Pioneer Day there, too, and I remember as a child riding in my grandpa's model-T in the parade. So fun!

Looks delicious! *drools*


Rudi and I are heading out for pizza tonight, so we shall join you in your reinterpreted celebration.

Sounds like a great way to kick off the day off! Bottoms up!


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