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Freshness Abounds


Harvest has begun. Last fall Smith planted gloves of garlic from the bulbs he'd saved from our overabundant 2012 crop. As usual, when June rolls around the lower leaves start to brown, which means it's time! Over the last couple of weeks he has carefully harvested the bulbs and tied them into bunches to dry. At this point the garlic has a nice fresh taste and tang.


The beautiful savoy cabbage from our first foray into cabbage growing. I prefer this to any other cabbage, as it is not as tough as regular green or red cabbage, and it has a naturally sweet flavor, yet retain its tartness. Half of this head was used to make a simple slaw, but yesterday I found this recipe.  I wonder how quickly I can get my hands on some sumac. We have two more heads, but Smith has started a few more plants, as cabbage is a great fall crop.


The first of the onions are ready to harvest, but leeks and cipollinis (small, sweet, globe shaped and golden) will take a little longer.


This week I made opal basil, almond, dairy free pesto. It  was very, very delicious. I wish the tomatoes were farther along, but I'm hopeful the basil plants will produce until then. I'll freeze a few batches, just in case.

This is the time of year we can shop our garden instead of the grocery store. I love it.


What lovely feasts you'll be having for the rest of the season! You and Smith have such a beautiful, productive garden. (How did you ever keep it growing during the heat wave???)

I love harvest from the garden. I need to plant some fall Savoy cabbage. I have a few of the regular green ones. The recipe looks great! Oh and sumac can be found here:

I have to go and get supplies there this week, so if you'd like me to pick you up some please say. An easy thing for me to do.

Your veggies look GREAT! I'm going to try some garlic in our little plot for next year as well.

shopping from the garden is the best! ours is tiny but mighty. you have me intrigued about dairy free pesto! I might try that :)

Your garlic is divine. The cabbage is exquisite (and, that Tahini slaw recipe sounds so good!). Plus, your tomatoes are just a week or so behind ours. Pretty amazing and I so love this time of year. I have to go to the Farmer's Mkt, but next year I shall have a small patch of my own!! Happy Hump Day, Sweetie!


I love this recipe with napa cabbage.

Beautiful Margene! I'm going to check out that recipe if our cabbage is successful. It's our first year trying but they look pretty healthy so far! are so lucky that Smith has such a green thumb!! My garden is struggling with this damp moldy weather and the birds who are determined to eat everything. Next year I am building PVC tents to keep them out!

Maybe Smith could send me a garlic bulb this fall to plant. :-)

Your cabbage is a beauty! And your tomatoes?? Our tomatoes are hardly growing with nary a blossom in sight. We harvested some delicious kohlrabi for our meal last night. I love eating from our own little patch of earth.

I haven't ever tried cabbage... I guess I always thought it would get too buggy. Maybe I'll have to try it next year.

Your harvest is looking awesome! I have lots of basil and I'm just waiting on those tomatoes!

What a wonderful garden you have. Makes me miss mine even more. This is our second summer in a row with a cross state move. Therefore no garden. Hopefully I can have a garden next summer. I miss grocery shopping in my garden. And I actually miss canning and freezing some of the excess. Homemade tomato sauces. Diced veggies. Oh well. Now I'm craving ratatouille. Maybe the farmer's market will have zucs, squash, eggplants, and tomato. I'm further north than I'm used to. So I don't know when things ripen.

Your garden is producing some gorgeous (and I'm sure delicious!) goodies!

Sounds and looks delicious! :)

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