Day After Day
The Longest Day

Packed it Full

Amazing just doesn't quite describe the our weekend of the longest days. We played every minute we could.
The Utah Arts Festival was packed full of eye candy.
Arial dancing troop Bandaloop keep out attention, as they danced across the face of the library.
Artist tents full of unique art, music of every variety, people watching...
eye candy at every turn, plus piles of delicious food and treats to fill the air with aromas of delight.
After we returned home we walked in the garden to the light of the "Super Moon" watching our shadows move up the path ahead of us. 
The evening before we spent the longest day walking the trail of our favorite spot.
After a long day at work I just had to spend the evening out of doors and after a quick dinner, we drove up the canyon to walk the trial. It was the best place to be.
The scent of the forest, the wildflowers, the blue skies and...
we watched the moon come up over the back of the Wasatch.
We enjoy seeing the moon glide through the sky, brightly lighting our weekend of enjoyably long days and beautiful nights.
We didn't waste a minute of the beautiful light, the gift of sun that graced our lovely weekend and the supermoon that made the days feel that much longer.

Quickly posted to participate in Amanda's Weekending


Sounds like a lovely weekend. Our super moon was not visible due to rain clouds. I'm so glad you had a great weekend!!!!

Sounds like my kind of weekend - a bit of everything with the guy you love!

The aerial dance troupe with that beautiful library as their backdrop -- gorgeous! That must have been mesmerizing. Sounds like a good, busy, and fun weekend for my friend in Utah!

Sounds like a lovely time, and you couldn't ask for better weather.

It was a lovely weekend, and the Arts festival was great.

It sounds like a great weekend!

Sounds perfect Margene! We missed the moon on Saturday evening - cloud cover was too heavy. Still was a super weekend though!

Oh, that first picture is stunning!

We had too many clouds for moon watching.

Oh, Margene! What a perfect weekend in every way! So glad you got a chance to soak it all in . . . every single minute!

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