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The demise of Google Reader (on MONDAY!) still has made me so very sad. None of the other readers I've tried has the clean look of Google, nor do they update as quickly. I'm a bit flummoxed over where I'll end up, or which reader will improve over time.

Please make sure you've changed to another reader if that's your way of staying in touch. Ravelry is good if you're a knitter, but I'm not sure why you'd read if you weren't interested in knitting. 

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This article outlines 10 choices, but I found nothing better than the three above. Feedly is my current choice of the moment.

I hope you'll keep reading!

Happy Weekend!

Toss Up

Perhaps, I should have had this post ready yesterday to participate in Ginny's Yarn Along. Instead, I'm tossing up a knitting post today.

In reality, I didn't have time to knit this weekend (too many outdoor things to do) and knitting hasn't been a big part of my week, so far.

I remain one clue behind on Kirsten's Mystery Shawl (now named!), Germinate. (I love the name!) If I put some effort into it, the beautiful edging could be completed this week, and effort shall be put into it...other projects shunted aside. Eye on the prize.

My reading has been varied, but as sporadic as my knitting. I've enjoyed the last few books I've read (or heard). While they weren't all 5 star books, they were enjoyable to read (ratings on the sidebar). The best of the lot was A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra, which is my favorite book of the year. Hands down.  Currently I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I can highly recommend this one, as well.

The Longest Day

Friday was the longest day of the year, the beginning of summer, and I could not let it go without some sort of acknowledgement.The weather was excellent, which made my desire to be out of doors even stronger. The recipe to be out in the beauty of nature came together perfectly and the only thing left to do was to go up!


Thankfully we knew the upper elevation temperatures would be quite cool, maybe even cold (for me). I wore my parka and was glad for its warmth. We arrived at at Silver Lake around 8:00pm, just as the sun was slipping behind the highest peaks. The light was silvery, almost ethereal.

As we walked around we took in the scent of the forest, the beauty of the setting, along with the quiet nature of the lake. The lake is a true gem in the Wasatch Range, and very dear to us.

The silvery light made me realize just how silvery we were getting. We've been walking around Silver Lake for years, long before there were gray strands on our heads. We intend to walk around as long as our legs can carry us.


Since the snow levels this year were extremely below normal, the snow has been long gone from the lake, and the wild flower season has already begun. We saw white geraniums, and service berry flowers (like Cheryl's!). I have always wonder what the flowers and berries were and finally remembered to do some research. Now I know!


The bog orchids and elephant heads were just starting to bloom, with the orchids well in the lead. Shooting stars were also gracing the hillside.


A few of the Silver Lake iris were sending up buds and within the next couple of weeks will be in full flower. I hope to make it back to see this once a summer happening.


After our first time around we watched the moonrise and since the sky was still full of light and the moon barely up, we decided to go around again. Silver Lake is an easy mile around, and our favorite spot. I can't wait to return.

Packed it Full

Amazing just doesn't quite describe the our weekend of the longest days. We played every minute we could.
The Utah Arts Festival was packed full of eye candy.
Arial dancing troop Bandaloop keep out attention, as they danced across the face of the library.
Artist tents full of unique art, music of every variety, people watching...
eye candy at every turn, plus piles of delicious food and treats to fill the air with aromas of delight.
After we returned home we walked in the garden to the light of the "Super Moon" watching our shadows move up the path ahead of us. 
The evening before we spent the longest day walking the trail of our favorite spot.
After a long day at work I just had to spend the evening out of doors and after a quick dinner, we drove up the canyon to walk the trial. It was the best place to be.
The scent of the forest, the wildflowers, the blue skies and...
we watched the moon come up over the back of the Wasatch.
We enjoy seeing the moon glide through the sky, brightly lighting our weekend of enjoyably long days and beautiful nights.
We didn't waste a minute of the beautiful light, the gift of sun that graced our lovely weekend and the supermoon that made the days feel that much longer.

Quickly posted to participate in Amanda's Weekending

Day After Day




It was a bit cloudy in the evening, cue to a cool front coming through, but it clear again by sunset.

The air, clear, clean and cool, as the northern breezes brought us a respite from the heat. Today is very much the same...and so it goes.

Last Night

At this moment I am...

Drinking... a lovely Dragonwell ice tea dressed with a lemon basil leaf from my garden.

Watching... the Peregrine falcon feed her chick (the baby is loud!). Only one egg hatched, which makes survival of this chick all the more important. It's near fledging age, maybe another week or so.

Reading...  The New Yorker Fiction issue the theme of which is crime. I can't turn away as many of the stories are compelling, funny and, even gruesome.

Kirsten's Mystery Shawl with lucious Lucent from The Woolen Rabbit. If I had any doubt about the color combination when I started it has faded as I knit. I may not finish clue #3 by the time the mystery is revealed on Friday, but I know Kirsten will end with a flourish!

Listening to...the reality is I have an ear worm of Jerry Garcia singing Sugaree and wish I had the album. The song has been in my head for two days, no matter how many other songs I play.

Eating... ripe lovely nectarines, which we bought on Sunday to grill for dessert. They were juicy, sweet, and delicious hot off the grill. Since we bought a box full we've been slicing them for our lunches, too.  

Thinking about... the garden and how well the green bean plants are growing, how good the tomato plants look, and wondering what to sow now that the lettuce has run its course. Smith does all the physical work, I just watch and sometimes harvest.

June is for Shawls

My procrastination is born of the lack of necessity. The need for Chicane is far into the future and, as summer heats up, the desire to show her off has waned. (We'll talk about fit issues at another time.) Let's talk about the other desire that has taken over my knitting time, the desire for lace, for beads, for red, and something to top it off nicely...a little mystery.


My attention is taken by two beautiful designs made of two beautiful yarns. I am completely enamored of Cookie's fine handspun, as I knit it into a lacy, exquisite shawl. It is a slow process. Beads need to be placed as I knit across the row, which means, I stop, pick up a crochet hook, insert it into a bead, pick up the yarn, and slip it through the hole in the bead, then set down the hook, and (at last) knit the stitch. The resulting effect is worth the time. Overall the beads will shimmer and an elegant shawl will come to life.

The lace section has just begun, there are many, many more rows to come. Be patient, my sweets, as the end result should be stunning.

Continuing the Weekend Theme


The same park the darling goose family lives in (which is actually a farm), also hosts a Sunday Farmer's Market. At this time of year produce is almost non-existent, although I did find a couple vendors selling peas and kale (of which I have plenty of my own).

As with any farmer's market, its a wonderful place to watch people (and animals).


I found pony rides, a rather noisy turkey showing off his colors (he really did say gobble, gobble!), and fun, silly, happy people everywhere.


As a wonderful surprise, I ran into my favorite sushi chef, Rick, who makes and sells his Mochi Ice Cream. He is, in my opinion, a bit of a Renaissance man. The Japanese ice cream balls were delicious! Smith had a Vietnamese coffee and I and the vegan coconut.

I splurged and took home a couple more flavors (toasted sesame and chocolate chili) for dessert last night. (I had vegan toasted sesame and Smith had regular chocolate chili.) Yes, they were yummy!

Family Weekend

Over the weekend I packed in as much fun as I possibly could, along with the various chores that need to be accomplished.


As I was walking through a nearby park, enoying the perfectly blue skies and the warmth of th sun, I spotted a pair of big white geese. They aren't an unusual sight i nthe park, as they wander through the park on beautiful days, but what I didn't realize until I walked  back, they were staying on either side of a little white fluffy gosling.

You'd expect very protective parents and I kept a little distance, so as not to bother them. As I was taking pictures a park employees told me the gosling had been dropped off in the park and abandon. The pair of geese had adopted the little one as their own and another pair stayed close. Four big geese were always on guard for this poor little orphan. The park employee showed me a picture of the little one with its head tucked under the adopted mothers wing. It was a great story to hear on Father's Day, as this once lost little one now had two daddies and two mommies.

Happy Monday!