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Home on the Range Mystery

It's been quite a while since I've taken on a knit of mystery, so when Kirsten of Through the Loops announced her new Mystery Shawl 2013, I took the leap. The first step of joining was to choose colors with a guidance from the pattern (and in the TTL Mystery thread on Ravlery).


My first thought was Kim's new summer colors of Suede and Urban Cowboy, but I needed a third, brighter color to compliment the other two. Kim suggested Blue Moon and it's the perfect color. (This is where you look away if you want it to remain a mystery.)


May I introduce to you the one and only "Blue Moon over the Urban Cowboy riding the Suede range".



I love it - the color combination is great and the pattern is looking terrific so far. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Oh, that is going to be just wonderful! I love that color combo -- and I'm such a sucker for stripes! :-)

that's a great color combination! really pops the stripes and the texture (of course I have a feeling just about any three skeins from Kim would be gorgeous). I'm enjoying watching along on the spoiler thread.

Beautiful. And do I see beads? Very cool knit!

Yumm - what gorgeous colors! Can't wait to see more!

And poof - it's a new project! Looks like fun.

The name and the colors rock!!! So much fun and it's Thursday, too!!!!

Those beautiful blue beads really add to the project!

What a project name- it could be start of creative writing assignment! Wonderful!! It is very pretty, which is not easy to do with 3 colors. Hope it's fun all the way through!!

Yee Haw indeed! Love the color choices and ultimate project name.

Love your color choices.

I love the color, I love the name and the pattern already shows how great it will be.
Let the mystery unravel.

Wow, I'm loving all of those colors!

Lovely!! Love the name. ;)

What a name! :D Sounds like a Misadventure in the making. ;)

I love to feed your fish...

I admire your mystery knit courage!
(And the color choice is marvelous)

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