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The demise of Google Reader (on MONDAY!) still has made me so very sad. None of the other readers I've tried has the clean look of Google, nor do they update as quickly. I'm a bit flummoxed over where I'll end up, or which reader will improve over time.

Please make sure you've changed to another reader if that's your way of staying in touch. Ravelry is good if you're a knitter, but I'm not sure why you'd read if you weren't interested in knitting. 

Possible choices:

Old Reader


Feedly (my pick - click green button on sidebar)


This article outlines 10 choices, but I found nothing better than the three above. Feedly is my current choice of the moment.

I hope you'll keep reading!

Happy Weekend!


I moved to Feedly for reading all my favorite blogs. Just so easy and nice on the eyes for reading.

I really like bloglovin. It took me a while to adjust but it is to transfer your blogs read from GoogleReader, easy to add a new blog, organize into categories and I like that when you click on the blog it opens up fully in Bloglovin. Haven't tried any others.

I'm enjoying newsblur, but the anecdotal internets seem to be coalescing around Feedly. So sad that reader is going!

I'm going with Feedly. Still getting used to it, but it works pretty great with all my iCrap. (Change is hard. . .)

I feel the same way. I'm trying to embrace Feedly, I too preferred it to the others I tried.

I have another new one for you to try!

And linkity has a couple of new articles about other options - not sure if there are any listed you haven't tried yet.

I'm using Feedly, too, and so far it is adequate. I'm hoping they'll step up their game. And, seriously? You hope we'll keep reading? OF COURSE WE WILL. It's Friday!!!! Have a fabulous weekend, Dear One!!!

When I'm on the computer I rely on my blogger dashboard. When on a device I use feedly or blog lovin. I haven't picked a favorite yet...Have a lovely weekend!!

I love The Old Reader...I tried feedly, but I could setup Old Reader similar to my Google reader setup....

I'm going with Feedly. I like that it syncs between my laptop and iPad and I'm getting used to it, too. I tried CommaFeed for a while but it seemed liked that one took forever to pick up new posts. I do wish Feedly had an unread badge but I know a lot of people want that so I'm hoping that will be forthcoming.

I'm going to feedly. I don't like it as much as google reader on my iPhone or computer but I really like it for the iPad. Sad...

i'm enjoying feedly, but I'm having sync problems between the iOS app and the 'cloud'. I tried a few others and this is the closest to reader I could find.

I'm so glad you posted this!

I downloaded my info but...haven't made the next step to find a new blog feed spot.

I slightly prefer the format of CommaFeed to Feedly, but it's definitely slower with the updates. However, I'm giving all the companies some slack on that point - they're all doing the best they can to ramp up their service with the overwhelming number of new subscribers that descended on them in such a short period of time. It will take a while before they can really get their services going well - though probably none will ever be as fast as Google Reader was.

Now that Feedly has a "cloud" option so that mobile devices can access the reader from a web page instead of requiring an app, I'm more inclined to use it instead of CommaFeed. (I don't mind an app on the iPod, but I prefer a web-based type on the tablet.) But I'm keeping both around to see how things shake out over the next few months. If Feedly starts charging for its service, I'll be back to CommaFeed.

I'm trying out Old Reader this week, but set up an account at Feedly last month, too, just in case. OR definitely isn't grabbing feeds as quickly as GR does, which is probably my main gripe at the moment.

I switched to The Old Reader and am getting used to it still. It works. I have already noticed that since Google Reader announced their demise... readership has been down. :(

Yep, I'm trying to adjust to Feedly, too, but I'm not happy about it. Hope you're staying cool and that the bad heat isn't getting you. xo

I've been using Feedly for a couple of months now and have been reasonably pleased with it.

I chose Feedly, too, though I'm a bit befuddled as to why Google would want to do away with something that worked so well for so many. Sigh...

I changed to Blog Bridge. I like it. It's easy to use.

I waited until about a week ago to change over to Feedly. I must say I'm impressed. And possibly, this is one time where procrastination paid off, because the transfer was pretty seamless. I like the look, and it seems pretty intuitive, although I'm still learning the finer points. I just added the App today to my iTouch. I say, so long Google; you drew me in with Reader, but don't try to make me love you again! ; )

I went with Feedly last week and I have to say that I actually prefer it to google reader. It was easy to organize the different types of blogs that I read, which in turn has had me reading more again. :)

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