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You may ask why I have a winter picture on the blog today, but I'm going to tell you about my most memorable picnic ever. 

Years ago we often spent Sunday morning in the canyon with friends, and we'd cook breakfast, no matter the weather, all year round. We had a favorite spot, with a large size grill set into the ground. We'd cook bacon, bagels (cooked in the bacon fat then slathered with cream cheese), and eggs scrabbled with sliced jalapenos and shredded cheese (cooked in plenty of butter).We're talking 1983.

During a winter of heavy snow, we dug down to the barbecue pit, set our chairs on top of the picnic tables, to decided to have breakfast despite the cold. We got a fire going, but it never got hot enough to cook anything. I held the griddle of eggs on my lap as we drove down the canyon to our friends backyard. We cooked breakfast on their patio grill and ate outdoors just to prove we could.

Well, times change, lives change, tastes change, and today we would never think of doing such a thing. (Call us boring.) Today our choice of food would be more healthy and the time of year more appropriate. 

Do you have memorable picnic to share?

This should be ToT, but I haven't been on a picnic in forever and would forget half of what I need. Time to change that, eh?


What a wonderful story, Margene! A picnic you'll never forget. (And, really, that's what it's all about!) XO

Great story!

I love this story and it's just SO you and Smith! I think Silver Lake would be a perfect spot for a picnic. I'll bring the rye!

Lovely story. :)

...and I'm glad that's not a picture of what the current weather is there. ;)

Great story and wonderful memories...maybe a summer picnic is in the cards!

Perfect!! I'm not much of a picnicker these days, either (or ever).

Ah, good memories.

I wouldn't call you boring, I'd call you smart.


Wow, what a great memory, or memories!!!

We have had coffee in the snow but that's about it.

That is a cute story, but I'd never do it either!

Just bought picnic supplies for my boys to take to a Red Butte Garden concert tonight. My way of being with them when I have to work, I suppose.

My dad was a recreational scuba diver. Many a weekend was spent on a beach waiting for the dive club to come out of the Pacific with clams. My dad had a huge pot that he used to make tailgate clam chowder in the parking lot of the beach. Shasta cherry soda, fresh clam chowder, and sand. Thanks for helping me bring that to mind.

since we all cook out in our own back yards, I think the simple picnic has kind of gotten forgotten. Breakfast picnics were always my favorites--in the hot, humid climate where I grew up, it was nice to get out early in the morning!

loved the story! totally in the spirit of ToT...all about getting out and enjoying food and friends. (I think we had a picnic on our living room floor once...getting out doesn't even matter!)

Very funny! Cool ToT slant!

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