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Word-full Wednesday

Signs adorn the walls of Deb's alpaca barn and I thought one or two might work out well for a post.

No matter how hard one tries to keep the alpacas in line, they seem to have minds of their own and will decorate the walls.

Deb and Jim love their alpaca "kids" and take special care of them.

Alpaca are everywhere so it's always best to yield.


What can I say, it's a farm...

One of the people who came to help wore this cool t-shirt.

My guess is after seeing all the words you'd like to see an alpaca or two.


there are a few alpaca farms around here, too. love that one of my favorite yarns comes from very cute animals! thanks for sharing the photos!

Such fun! Alpacapella. Like that.

I always love to see alpacas! Great signs for today's post, too.

How neat! I'd love to visit an alpaca farm. I did get to see a Shetland lamb on Saturday, but there was a crowd around it. And, it was black. So adorable.

Looks like you had a nice day at the shearing.

LOL - love the signs!

These critters have charm and personality plus! I've visited several Alpaca farms and just love the furry fellas!

Cute signs.

So fun! I've been going down to the farm every day this week to get ready for shearing. We'll be shearing almost 90 animals in one day!

Love that tee!

What a lovely image of those gentle beasts~

I taught a kid whose dad had an alpaca ranch. I never visited it, but she loved it. I'm glad you had such a good time.

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