The Change
To Read or To Knit?

Why Wouldn't You!?!

I don't often get my shupe together fast enough to participate in many of the ToT subjects, but this weeks is a piece of cake and, well, a no-brainer, 10 Reasons Why You Knit.

picture taken March 2006

1. What drew me to knitting in the first place was fashion. I'd been a crocheter, but when I saw this sweater, I had to learn to knit. We're talking circa 1974.

2.I have been knitting ever since, with production changing from year to year, but I've never stopped. Knitting is a high form for creative endeavors and a constant learning experience.

3. Knitting gets in your blood, it entertains, it changes as you change and, while it often lets you down, it also lifts the soul.

4.The PEOPLE you meet, who turn into friends, who support, encourage, and love you and it all starts because of the common bond of knitting.

5. To be fulfilling, knitting can be as a simple dish cloth, or a complicated shawl, and the knitting and/or finishing of either one feels great.

6. Portability! Knitting saves me from the angst of waiting rooms, the ennui of a quiet evening but, in the same vein, it can also be great to accompany an evening of stimulating conversation. Versatility is knittings middle name.

7. Yes, versatility! Anything can be made to fit my specifications, whether it's the size of a blanket or a perfectly fitted sweater.

8. And yes, there is the perfectly fitting SOCK! One reason I kept knitting through the 90s was the draw of hand-knit socks. They were comfy, fit well, and we're a TOTAL blast to knit. I was hooked on socks.

9. Knitting keeps me young! Because I knit and frequent SnB  and knitting shops, I hang out with a diverse crowd of knitters. Male, female, younger, older, every body shape, and ability, we come together over knitting. If knitters ran the world...

10. Because, it's the process... Sanity, balance, humility, and love. In a nutshell, that's why I knit. How about you?


To be brutally honest, I haven't ever really thought about it. I guess I'll need to get back to you. Happy Tuesday!!!!!

What a PERFECT list, Margene! The all of it. (That's why I knit, too.)

It IS most certainly the process and I'm very glad that process lead me to YOU!


I love your reasons! I am not sure I could do any better/different on this. (The day is still young.)

Oh I love your title! :) Great list! Happy ToT!

All your reasons plus exploring other traditions and cultures. Oh, and the interplay of color and texture (my current jag)!

Oh, yeah, socks baby!!!

I use your "it's the process" ALL the time!! and I left off specific people on my list but I'm so very glad I *met* you, Carole, Birdsong via our knit blogs!!!

Always the process!! I'm glad you were able to get your shupe together for this.

#8 is huge! But all of your reasons are good. :)

#10! And socks. We're lucky folk to be knitters wouldn't you say? ;-)

I just LOVED seeing the inspiration SWEATER!!!
Your list is awesome and I d agree with it all.
BLog friends, knit friends... are unique and lovely

Great list <3

sanity, balance, humility and love. great list, Margene!!

#5 ALL THE WAY. :)

#10 finishes the list perfectly

I love how knitting soothes me. It's often a healing balm..

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