Why Wouldn't You!?!

The Change

We've actually made the transition from winter to spring and, while we know there may be a set back here and there, it finally feels like spring. Tomatos

The sky is overcast and rain is in the on the horizon, but with temperature quite warm and moderate, Smith is planning on planting tomatoes today. There's a bit of a risk, but the forecast is for a warm, wet week and chances are good the plants will thrive.


Smith has been encouraging a smithy he knows to forge garden tools. Mike has been giving this some thought and has decided to try his hand at the art of the garden tool. He presented this claw to Smith last week and we've been admiring its handcrafted beauty. Smith will use it to break the ground and plant the first of our tomatoes.

Smith spent Saturday in the garden and was there when one of the gardeners spotted a mother duck and her ducklings trying to cross the busy street to get to the canal. The babies were obviously just minutes old and huddled very close to mom. They were scooped up and taken to the waters edge, where everyone was able to watch as the babes took their first dip. It is spring indeed!


Gorgeous claw! Yay ducks!! Sending tomato mojo.

I guess I need to get off my butt and go get some tomato plants.

Mom's are in! C'mon tomatoes!

Tomatos already? The one time I planted about a week before the mid-May norm in the Denver area because the forecast said "no freezing", there was a freeze and I lost half the tomatoes. The claw tool is awesome--bet it is a great motivation to move some dirt!

That is a beautiful garden claw! And I love your duck photo - reminds me of Boston!

Aww baby ducks! Love the tool.

That tool is so special! And I can't help but say it...lucky ducks! ;-)

That handforged claw is great!! Ducklings! :D

It's sunny and 73 here right now.

Hooray for Spring!


love the signs of spring showing up all over blog land lately. and think y'all are brave to plant tomatoes! even here in "sunny" Georgia, I don't plant anything in the ground til after Mothers Day.

Fantastic tool - how cool that you know the maker! :)

Still no rain here..... we can only hope for some of yours...

That is a beautiful claw. The commercial ones are so flimsy. I love the mama duck and her ducklings. So dear. Happy Spring!!!!

Love the cultivator! Is Mike the Smith going to make more???

I just got a claw, but I truly admire that one!

What a great tool. We have potatoes pushing aside the dirt, but we don't dare put the tomatoes in yet. While we've had lovely days, by 4:00 we are getting windy thunder showers - three days straight! I love the drama that our weather is giving us, but would love to get my little seedlings in the ground. The ducklings are so sweet. Our plan is to get little chicks for a backyard coop this weekend, so we'll be enjoying some little ones of our own.

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